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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fox News Continues to Attack Beyonce! What About Cyrus or Spears?

Oh really, O'Reilly? Beyonce fans sting back at Fox host

My affinity for Hip-Hop genre could fit in the tip of a sewing needle with Chris Christe sharing the available space. I am reticent to even refer to the genre as music because much of the genre is literally not music. Poetry could be a core component and basis for much of Hip Hop (Rap), but far too much of the rhymes evolve around pure filth and disrespect for women. It is an unarguable fact some elements of Hip Hop are infested with a gun culture that results in many deaths of young Rap performers.

I am also not much on the evolution of R & B. Maybe my reticence has roots in a personal fixation in an era when the music industry offered significant variety of real music. My thoughts on some segments of the music industry is analogous to my fixation in an era when Pro Basketball offered the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dr. J, and Pete Maravich; to mention a few of the old school greats.

I will admit, I have never consciously listened to any performances by Beyonce. Yet, I will also admit to a degree of Alpha Male (ism) with frequent libido driven peeps revealing depictions of the female anatomy. Thus, it is impossible to avoid opportunity to leverage (infrequent) peeps at the picturesque Beyonce. That said, I have never understood the consistent drumming of anti-Beyonce rhetoric from Fox News hosts from the silly fools on "The Five" through the Fox News marquee demagogue Bill O'Reilly. 

Before I key another letter related to this screed, someone should tell Greg Gutfeld on Fox News's "The Five" that eyeglasses at the lower portion of the nose while eyeballing everything above the eyeglasses is pure 1980's and it looks horribly dorky. Someone should also speak the same words to Bill Clinton. I can actually recall a time when any post 45 year old "white man" who wanted to look intellectually gifted or even simply "Cool" would adorn the glass mid nose while leering above the rim for 98% of his viewing.

Old school aura for the intellectual feigning white guy. 

 Give it a break!
End digression.

When Fox News managers and producers consistently attack Beyonce One should wonder the motive. Viewers should ask, "What is the point?" and, we on the Left view the Beyonce fixation as a form of bigotry and, frankly, racism as those same managers and producers do not broadcast criticism of Molly Cyrus and failed to cover the now maturing Britney Spears. 
Will Smith and family and the reality of avoiding the front center stage section!

The answer lies with Fox News viewers, the fact the GOP is 92% white (and Libertarians show a 75% white populace) and entertainment for people who long for daily injections of 'white nationalism' or some derivative there of.

Photo: Shame on Fox:

THE ED SHOW 08/26/14
The Five’ insults ‘Queen Bey’
Earning the joint title of Ed Schultz’s Pretenders, conservative talkers criticize “Queen Beyonce’s” VMA performance for her presentation of feminism.

Prohibited from wearing pants son the set!

Now, let's do what we do well and what we have done since the early stages of the TPI. Let's take visual journey through Fox News hypocrisy via network management "ass candy" entertainment of the 35 to early 60s Viagra or Cialis viewer.


The ultimate display of "titillation current events." Watch closely.......

If you recall the clip from The Ed Show, pants on the Fox News set was for males only. Apparently, there is or was a policy of no pants on women. Now, think in terms of Fox producers and "THE FIVE" disparaging Beyonce an entertainer with the gift of real vocal talent and a leggy stage presence. She works within the scope of her profession and she avoids the utter vulgarity of the far less talented Cyurs (depicted above)

Do you feel Fox news is deploying the same "legs and thighs" model as an adjunct to news and current events? Or, would you accept Fox "legs and thighs" as ratings ploy with attention to effective dissemination of Fox conservative propaganda? If you cannot see both prospects, you really have wasted about ten minutes reading this piece.

Fox has success for many reasons. Roger Ailes affinity for 'prurient slants to news, is fair. But, Ailes producers should avoid direct attacks on a specific entertainer when opportunity exist to blanket complain about any and all alleged lewd stage performances.  

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