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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GOP Obstruction Continues Because You Enable The Waste.

Did I actually read House of OZ Speaker Boehner's lawsuit against President Obama will cost us at least $350,000? Allow me correct that. Boehner has contract ed a leading law firm at $500 per hour with a max cost of $350,000. Now, allow me to ask. Do you think the law firm will bill at one penny less than $350,000?

When will American voters tire of the silly wasteful subservience of the GOP House? When will the silly obstruction stop?

Since well before Barack H. Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States House, Senate Republicans and GOP hangers-on opportunist like New Gingrich and Frank Lutz plotted legislative obstruction never before seen in US History. Obstruction that was clearly stated by the Minority leader of the US Senate. Obstructions conspirators meet for dinner during Obama's many Inauguration Ball appearances.

Yet, the obstruction has roots that preceded the evening of Obama's inauguration. In August if 2012 Time's Michael Grunwald, via reference to his book: The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era, published an intriguing piece about GOP obstruction from the moment Obama accepted his 2008 presidential victory.
Republican plot to obstruct President Obama before he even took office, including secret meetings led by House GOP whip Eric Cantor (in December 2008) and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (in early January 2009) in which they laid out their daring (though cynical and political) no-honeymoon strategy of all-out resistance to a popular President-elect during an economic emergency. “If he was for it,” former Ohio Senator George Voinovich explained, “we had to be against it.”
As the GOP recoiled from its McCain and Palin loss in November 2009, GOP party leaders and operatives worked feverishly to developed and promulgate strategy to stifle Obama. they literally plotted and planned strategy design to stifle economic growth that would certainly impact you and me far more than the millionaire plotters.  I find it hard to accept no one refers to the "plotting 15" as seditionist conspirators. 

Vanity Fair published a piece earlier today additional revelations about the "Plotting 15's" Evening on the Obama Inauguration.
During a lengthy discussion, the senior GOP members worked out a plan to repeatedly block Obama over the coming four years to try to ensure he would not be re-elected.
In his book, Draper opens with the heady atmosphere in Washington on the days running up to the inauguration and the day itself, which attracted 1.8 million to the mall to witness Obama being sworn in as America's first black president.
Those numbers contributed to a growing sense of unease among Republicans as much the defeat in the White House race the previous November. The 15 Republicans were in a sombre mood as they gathered at the Caucus Room in Washington, an upscale restaurant where a New York strip steak costs $51.
Attending the dinner were House members Eric Cantor, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Pete Sessions. From the Senate were Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Ensign and Jon Kyl. Others present were former House Speaker and future – and failed – presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and the Republican strategist Frank Luntz, who organised the dinner and sent out the invitations.
The dinner table was set in a square at Luntz's request so everyone could see one another and talk freely. The session lasted four hours and by the end the sombre mood had lifted: they had conceived a plan. They would take back the House in November 2010, which they did, and use it as a spear to mortally wound Obama in 2011 and take back the Senate and White House in 2012, Draper writes.
"If you act like you're the minority, you're going to stay in the minority," said Keven McCarthy, quoted by Draper. "We've gotta challenge them on every single bill and challenge them on every single campaign."
The Republicans have done that, bringing Washington to a near standstill several times during Obama's first term over debt and other issues.
As I re and reread of the lock-step obstruction, I recall Paul Ryan's protestations against Obama economic policy, I think of Ryan's role as House Budget guru, and I see only deviate manifestations of GOP obstruction laced with flawed GOP economic policy.  

Moreover, as I reread the excerpt above I am reminded of Eric Cantor total reticence against the president. But, my recall of Cantor is accompanied by deep levels of glee at his recent primary loss along with reflection of his penchant for showering lobbyist with no cost steak dinners and the House leaders disgusting pandering to Wall Street energy speculators. 

The House Majority Leader would perform stifling obstruction against the US economy while pandering energy speculators with promises of riding the nation of legislation that has proven good for everyday Americans. 

Of course, if you live on Earth and have access to news networks, you know of the most public proclamation against Obama and the US economy, Mitch McConnell's singular entry in the annuls of US History.

Denying President Obama a second term was inarguable declarations of intent to obstruct at the expense of us all.

Legislative obstruction doesn't see to offend US voters to the point of outright rebellion and rejection.  While the reality is perplexing, it pales to the lack of concern for GOP fiscal waste. 

Since, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, John Boehner and Eric Cantor literally cast away millions if your and my tax dollars on frivolous repeal votes. I posit Cantor and Boehner knew their fiscal waste has no successful fruition in the US Senate. Since both are seasoned politicians and money is at the root of all US politics, I assert the 54 repeal the ACA House votes were enacted to provide evidence to mega wealthy backers, heir congressional servants were doing their bidding. In much more simple terms, "See we are fulling you wish, please keep the money coming our way." 

If you did not fail to miss opportunity to take the 54 votes and perform revealing mathematics (X $1.6 million per vote) you know Boehner and Cantor wasted $84.6 million on nothing more than "subservient proof" of obstruction. 

We are now reading the GOP has given-up on wasteful anti-ACA votes. A pleasant thought, but a thought that follows another GOP fiscal implosion: the Ted Cruz GOO federal government shut-down at $28 Billion. An implosion that literally "pissed" our tax dollars down the backside of the GOP elephant. 

Before we move to the latest case of GOP malfeasance, let's not forget about the GOP led reduction of the US International Credit Rating. Standard and Poors reduced our credit rating from AAA to AA with direct attribution to failures in the US federal legislature.

While at far less projected cost, or at least the prospect of significantly less cost, Boehner has moved the US House to a historic lawsuit against a US president. A lawsuit with a core premise of President Obama's overstepping his authority via extending an ACA enrollment deadline. Obstruction takes a super silly turn!

  • June 25, 2014, 9:15 PMThe Republican House speaker made an election-year accusation that Obama is failing to carry out the laws passed by Congress.

July 31, 2014, 12:19 PM

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives agreed Wednesday to file a federal lawsuit against President Obama over his 2010 health care law. No Democrats voted to approve the measure. Nancy Cordes reports from Capitol Hill.

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