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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Growing White Nationalism And America's Dying "Exceptionalism"



During the spring of this year, I published this post:  The "White Man March":  Alleged Oppression Is It Real?

If you did not follow the link above you missed this comment after the post. The person who left the comment used the Anonymous (name) feature, but the name isn't important.  The comment......

Being pro white doesn't mean you have to be anti non white .

Before I move on, The White Man March drew as many as 10 racist.  I would be more careful about use of the word "racist," but the images above and the embedded video leaves me no other option.  The robed figures above are not wearing church choir robes. 

Whites in America have every right to be as proud of their heritage as people of color. We are far to liberal to begrudge that human emotion and human right. We are also intellectually aware of differences in people, and we respect those differences. Yet, we admit to an extreme aversion to budding 'white nationalism' and its close relative racial hatred and xenophobia. 

Therefore, we place the images and video above on one side of the "white privilege" spectrum.  On another side of the spectrum, we find an even more dangerous and unwholesome form of racism. Quasi-subtle and "closeted" racism as feed for overt racism seems to be increasing and spreading to the point some Americans find it acceptable. It is literally becoming the norm. Racist are unabashedly taking their "white privilege" into more mainstream arenas. Privilege that oozes beyond the boundaries of the personal psychological deficiencies to  the open air of the public. Open air that reaches across the full span of American society.

How does bigotry and racism infiltrate and metastasize its way into the mainstream? Politicians, media (AM radio, Fox News and social media) serve as catalyst, feed and vehicles for overt racism we are seeing and hearing each and every day in America.

If you visit the site often, you know my position on un-abetted racism and bigotry attributable to Richard Nixon's and Ronald Reagan's political "Southern Strategy." The GOP leaders set a path of, "It is OK to be a bigot, racist or white nationalist." Of course, neither Nixon nor Reagan spoke in that manner, but each Republican president damned sure fostered and promulgated policy that advanced the political strategy that has oozed into action-oriented ideology and manifestation of current racial divisiveness.

If you want to see the ultimate example of "white privilege" that far exceeds the robed manifestations above, follow me for a bit. I offer a classic example from a recent radio interview: conservative voice mumbler Laura Ingraham and Alabama (surprise, surprise) Republican Congressman Mo Brooks.

Ingraham brought up an interview with National Journal’s Ron Fournier, in which he told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that the behavior of the so-called “Deportation Caucus” has made it “impossible for your party, the Republican party, to be the party of the future, because it’s seen as the party of white people.”

Rep. Brooks replied by saying that “this is a part of the war on white people that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”

Laura Ingraham radio show audio: Linked
Mo Brooks and Ingraham are nurturers of white nationalism that is deleterious and has no place in America. I should say "no place in America beyond the racial demographic and comfort-zone of the GOP (92% white)." Neither demagogue can point to one concrete example of "white people suffering bias, discrimination or for that matter serious mistreatment from minorities.

Brooks and Ingraham aside, let's look at more evidence of a growing phenomenon and white privilege as moniker. You know the worm has turned when a white woman campaigns for elected office and her husband identifies as pro-white. The candidates spouse is comfortable enough with his white nationalism he brashly self-identifies as "pro-white." It is almost like the spectacle the reality of Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court Justice and people thinking he would cast an unbiased Bench vote without regard for the six figure lobbying arrangement of his wife. 

Now, for the drum roll revelation: the candidate's wife is a Democrat. An intriguing prospect that adds credence to my posit of racial insensitivity and callousness going mainstream. 

Mediaite is  reporting in the somewhat unusual twist to the candidacy of Anna Zubkova and recent social media entries of her seemingly racist husband. Even the candidate doesn't bother to defend her husband.  

Mediate : On Rob Freeman 

Rob Freeman runs the site Mindweapons in Ragnarok, and in a recent post he makes that rather bold declaration about his pro-whiteness.
Freeman said, “I am pro-white, because so much out there is anti-white. I am defending that part of my identity that is being attacked. I am not attacking other races, I am defending my own, and I welcome all sincere allies — Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Arab, Persian. If I missed anyone, chime in.”
Zubkova offers a disclaimer :
“He did not have those views when we married, but acquired them after,” she said. “What am I supposed to do? Divorce him? It’s not unusual for husbands and wives to have different views. As a judge, I can assure you would not discriminate against anyone, even based on their beliefs. In my career, I’ve represented clients from many different backgrounds and races, all to the best of my knowledge and ability.”
Well, divorce is not an option and is actually not an expectation. 

However, it is impossible to believe Freeman was a convert from open-minded on race to a white nationalist and racist within the period of the marriage. In fact, he previously stated whites need a voice while sporting a past of affiliation with Nazism. 
"He believes white people need a “collective voice” like other groups do. Freeman used to be involved with an extreme neo-Nazi group."
Next, and the key point.....should Zubkova's constituents trust her as void of the same or similar belief systems. The salient question: "Has Freeman's comfort with his case of oozing white privilege and white nationalism provided consideration of a campaign recess for Zubkova.

Our reason for publishing this piece relates to growing tolerance of racism and bigotry. The nation seems to be growing away from tolerance of our diverse world, while growing more tolerant of people who harbor views that are anti-diverse. Some say and write the phenomenon is due to paranoia about the nations changing demographics. I have much more dire and horrific thoughts on the problem. We have evidence of racial and ethnic divisiveness that led to human tragedy through the history of humankind.

I personally have no reason to sit comfortably in what some of you call "American Exeptionalism." America is not an exceptional nation and in many ways it takes a back seat to other nations and societies, especially regarding issues of race, ethnicity and diversity. 

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