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Sunday, August 24, 2014

"It's The Economy Stupid!"

After running across the chart just below, I thought it might be good to seek additional information related tot he US economy. No one in the GOP has mention the US economy for at least one full year.  We shouldn't be deprived of a good review of the economy simply due to GOP reticence regarding economic improvement, so let's take a look. 

As we view the following information (graphs, charts and linked tables) know your GOP would undoubtedly show much different. The only economic strategy embraced by the party on the Right, is "cutting taxes" and illogical utterances about shutting down government agencies. It is important to also remember, the GOP would have allowed GM and Chrysler to fold-up and ship-out overseas.

U.S. auto production is at its highest rate since 2002

How about an inforgraphic that includes a look at the Chrysler plant Mitt Romney used as campaign fodder via his claim it would be shutdown with ops moved to China (information source the Drudge Report)? Think for a second about a president who would quote and Internet blogger.

Larger version
Auto Industry infographic

Let's skip through a few key economic indicator via Quandi, Yahoo and Wiki (images).

Chart of Inflation Rate in the United States
ChartSourceIndicatorLevelAs OfChg5 Yrs Ago

Chart of GDP - USD - USA
IMF1GDP - USD - USA16,799.7020134.30%14,720.25
IMF1GDP - LCU - USA16,799.7020134.30%14,720.25
IMF1Real GDP - LCU - USA15,761.3020132.22%14,833.58
IMF1Real GDP Change - USA1.88%2013-14.46%-0.29%
World BankGDP per Capita - Current PPP - USA51,748.5620123.80%48,070.38
Chart of GDP Change in the United States

 Unemployment and Labour
    Detailed collection: Usa Unemployment and Labour
ChartSourceIndicatorLevelAs OfChg5 Yrs Ago

Chart of Non-Farm PayrollsFREDNon-Farm Payrolls139,004.00Jul-20140.00%129,687.00
ADPADP Private Payrolls116,483.89May-20140.15%107,279.05
FREDGovernment Employment21,922.00Jul-20140.00%22,482.00
FREDAverage Hourly Earnings24.45Jul-20140.00%22.38
FREDAverage Weekly Hours33.70Jul-20140.00%33.20
FREDCivilian Employment Ratio59.00Jul-20140.00%58.30
FREDUnemployment Rate6.20Jul-20140.00%9.90
FREDInitial Jobless Claims298,000.0016-Aug-20140.00%468,000.00
Chart of Continuing ClaimsFREDContinuing Claims2,500,000.0009-Aug-20140.00%4,987,000.00
FREDMean Duration of Unemployment32.40Jul-20140.00%29.70
IMF1Population - USA316.3720130.78%304.72
World BankUnemployment Rate - USA8.102012-8.99%4.60
World BankYouth Unemployment Rate - USA16.202012-6.36%10.50
World BankAge Dependency Ratio - USA49.84%20120.92%48.68%
World BankMinimum Wage - USA1,242.5820100.00%n.a.

See more after the break 

Production Detailed collection: USA Economic Growth

Production statistics for The United States.
ChartSourceIndicatorLevelAs OfChg5 Yrs AgoApi Call
Chart of GDPFREDGDP17,294.70Apr-20140.00%14,566.50
FREDIndustrial Production104.39Jul-20140.00%86.93
FREDCapacity Utilization79.20Jul-20140.00%70.00
ISMISM Manufacturing Index57.10Jul-20140.00%55.30


Manufacturing statistics for The United States.
ChartSourceIndicatorLevelAs OfChg5 Yrs Ago
Chart of Durable GoodsFREDDurable Goods242,370.00Jun-20140.00%158,739.00
FREDNew Orders71,500.00Jun-20140.00%53,077.00
FREDConsumer Orders214,370.00Jun-20140.00%166,505.00
FREDCapital Orders93,803.00Jun-20140.00%55,912.00
FREDNew Vehicle Sales16.40Jul-20140.00%11.06
More US Economy from Quandi

Yahoo Finance 
Annotations and notes added by The Pardu

Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

17,001.22 Down 38.27(0.22%) Aug 22
Chart forDow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

Prev Close:17,039.49
Day's Range:16,984.52 -17,064.28
52wk Range:14,719.40 -17,151.60
Quotes delayed, except where indicated otherwise. Currency in USD.

DIJA, NASDAQ and S & P 500 since January 2009.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI)

Major stock Indicators compare January 2009 - August 22, 2013 and the impact of Reaganomics for the nation's top 20% (ers). Major market have performed very well for the top 4% uber wealthy.

Now, take a look at the two far right  columns and not income level. Where does your family income mark on the chart?


Look closely at the graph below; focus on the separation starting in the early 1980s.
The income growth of the average American family closely matched that of economic productivity until some time in the 1970s. While it began to stagnate, productivity has continued to climb.[41]

I digress in my astonishment of Reaganomics (the basis for all GOP Fiscal policy) and the reality Americans actually vote for the GOP.

End Digression

No look at the US economy is complete without a look at jobs.

Let's now take a look at an index that is not often considered as we consider an improving economy: The Misery Index. According to Steve Hanke, Business Insider, a misery index score is simply the sum of the unemployment, inflation and bank lending rates, minus the percentage change in real GDP per capita. A higher misery index score reflects higher levels of “misery”.

    JUL. 22, 2014
misery 01

The Misery Index may indicate why the GOP long ago abandoned its "the economy" rhetoric. While reports are (over the weekend) The GOP has abandoned its wasteful fight against the Affordable Care Act, their lack on interest in campaigning and spewing rhetoric about the US economy is revealing.

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