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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

James O'Keefe: On The Loose And Scaring Tin Hatters

Looks like a mugshot!

And the scam begins.  There is real money in feeding "fear" to Americas xenophobic mindset.

To add excitement to the visual....O'Keefe with silly mask.
Bob Cesca's The Daily Banter has again placed a spotlight on one of America greatest scam showmen.  James O'Keefe continues to make video with an O'Keefe twist that looks contrived, phony and very much (video) for the more gullible. 

Cesca also provides an archive of O'Keefe's past work.  As I reviewed the list, I recall a few of his past work that ended in lawsuits and settlements against arrived innocents. Moreover, the list includes video work that ended in arrest and deep public scrutiny for the level of propagandist editing. We would be remiss if we failed to mention O'Keefe's video editing lead to public embarrassment for the now deceased Andrew Brietbart.


The Daily Banter...O'Keefe at the southern border in in Laden makeup and garb. I suppose the message is to feed marketable messages to tin-hat conservatives who spend every waking hour with allusions of hordes of brown-skinned people trod-ding across the southern border. Wonder why he didn't chose America's Northern border? A border that is even more porous and susceptible to illegal crossings via enemies of the state.  Alas, I again fail to appreciate the level and scope of concern with illegal entry from the south and differences inherent in those from Central American countries vs any intruder from the northern border. 

I am posting the YouTube video of O'Keefe's latest project. I will also admit only watching about five seconds of the video. Once, the "fear mongering"..."What we saw show scare all Americans."  I insulated my brain from O'Keefe's garbage. 
Bob Cesca's piece is much more relevant and noteworthy as I consider O'Keefe's body if work.

The Daily Banter
Right-Wing Scam Artist James O’Keefe Sneaks Across Border Dressed as Bin Laden — Or Did He?

If you want a good look at O'Keefe's as a charlatan and stammer, Chris Hayes, MSNBC ALL In, broadcast a piece that shows O'Keefe for his total worthy: nothingness. O'Keefe attempted to "sting" a documentary overdevelop Josh Fox.

The Brad Blog

......... as revealed fail after "sting victim", Academy Award-nominated Gasland documentarian Josh Fox, turns out to have recorded the entire conversation deceptively edited and featured in pretend "journalist" O'Keefe's new video...

What O'Keefe got busted doing there, as seen in the Chris Hayes MSNBC segment above, is exactly what he does in every one of his pretend "investigations", as we've demonstrated here for years. This time, at least, one of the victims happened to have had the foresight to have recorded it all independently on his own. It's remarkable that even the wingnut dupes at Fox "News" are still falling for this tired con, frankly, much less people stupid enough to send actualmoney to support Jimmy's scam.
The really sad aspect of O'Keefe millions of Breitbart Dot Com readers and even more Fox News viewers watch his projects and add another layer of tin foil to their hats. 

UPDATE: Fox News host exhorts O'Keefe to "give it up."

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