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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jon Stewart On Fox And Ferguson With Salon And Joan Walsh As A BackDrop

Ferguson’s booming white grievance industry: Fox News, Darren Wilson and friends

White defenders of officer Darren Wilson are raising money by slandering Mike Brown, with some help from Fox News

(Piece linked via title above ...good read)

Now I know why I haven't run across video of Jon Stewart's take of coverage of the Mike Brown murder in Ferguson Missouri; Stewart has been on vacation.  Fox News coverage mirrors the sentiment of a minority in the nation: "Brown was a big kid who (allegedly ) stole from a Quick Trip, and was a candidate for shooting."

If you have four minutes, I offer the perfect example. We apologize in advance for featuring a segment with one of Fox News's most "dingle-berry" host, but it is what it is and the reason Fox has Doocy on air.

Media Matters

If that wasn't enough to pique your interest in the propaganda of "white grievance," Salon offers a cogent screed related to the extent to which 'white defense' and rationalization" on behalf of the executing officer.

Media Matters has reported on the lack of veracity of the following image of one Internet blogger.  The image is supposedly an image of Darren Wilson's "broken eye-socket." After some very basic sleuthing, the image was found to have origin in Iowa. Ferguson is in Missouri.  Take a look.


Then we saw right-wing blogger Jim Hoft, named “the dumbest man on the Internet” by Media Matters, peddling a phony X-ray or CT scan purporting to show that Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket scuffling with Brown. Unfortunately, a little sleuthing revealed the image in question came from a facility at the University of Iowa and had nothing to do with the Ferguson case. Oops. Of course Fox ran with the story, but ABC News also reported that Wilson had suffered a “serious facial injury,” claiming its own local source.


Did you notice above efforts, via redaction,to either comply with HIPAA laws or efforts to hide the true origin of the image? In either, case the blogger referred to by Media Matters as: “the dumbest man on the Internet”, published an outright lie that led to days of argument and comment about Wilson phony damaged eye-socket.

CNN eventually reported their was no damage to Wilson's eye socket. And, we will leave that point right there. We will leave with a question why do so many on the Right literally lie, and why do so many on the Right accept the lies without question?

Back to Jon Stewart and his take of Fox News coverage of the past two weeks and the aftermath of a literal murder perpetrated by a cop.

Does anyone on the Right recognize, their media lies on a daily basis. If conservative media (especially internet social media) lies and national media follows the lie. The same people will lie about anything and everything to secure the vote. If they lie with the ultimate mission proliferation a nation in their image, does anyone question what conservative politicians have done to the nation over the past 60 years?

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