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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jorge Eugene Moran "Anti-Racist"

Friend of the TPI a d "anti-racist" Jorge Eugene Moran writes.....

Due to the privacy setting I am unable to share the following. But, I can cut and paste it which I am doing now. One of the reasons why things like the events in Ferguson, Mo. and the other outrages against people who ain't white in America keep happening is the conservation of racist tropes and memes in our daily lives. We have numerous corporations and closely held companies which honestly feel that since they aren't public; they should have the right to discriminate, use offensive language, and ignore their customers when complaints arise.

Rand Paul, has become infamous for his 'condemnation' of racism while at the same time supporting a business owner's right to discriminate against members of the public he does not wish to have as customers. Please feel free to comment on the following.

"A few moths ago I got my blood pressure up while I was in a Bass Pro Shop store (a large retail hunting fishing chain). I was looking at getting another gun with a laser on it.

A very pretty young white female associate was helping me look at guns in the bass pro shop. She was unusually helpful knowledgeable and personable. We started talking about gun control when she shocked me by stating and I quote "I don't think any nigger should be able to buy one". I questioned why she said that word and she explained that, "she's an English major and that the word nigger just means ignorant person". I replied, how do you think it makes black people feel when you say that word? She said, her friend was black and she uses it all the time in front of her (Very doubtful).

So I then said, there's some black customers over there at the counter looking at some rifles let's go ask them how they feel about your use of the word? She started to walk away and I called her a racist and said, as a matter of fact I'm going to let them (the two male black customers about 60ft away) know what you said. (Now she's walking away and headed toward the back). About that time one of the other white male associates walks up to me and tells me I need to calm down, I said, YOU calm this! I walked over to the two black customers and told them the white female sales clerk who was just helping me used the n-word when referring to black people. Trying help me calm down they told me I should just ignore it. I said, fuck that I'm going to the store manager (they nodded their head showing support). I then walked about another 60ft and saw a black female associate, I told her what happened and she requested that I report this. I confirmed that's what I wanted to do, so she kindly walked me to the front of the store where I saw another black female associate, I told her what happened and she said, oh my God are you going to report it? I told her, fuck yes I'm going to report it. She replied, oh my God my heart is just racing, thank you for letting them know. I told her just try to relax that it would be OK. During this time the white associates in the gun shop had been calling management to let them know I was telling black customers and black associates about what had happened. A white female manager walks up and I told her about my experience with racism in her store, and instead of apologizing the manager says, that she can't have me going around telling her employees what happened. This manager had a defensive uncaring attitude, so I looked at her and I asked her, do you use that word? She hesitated but said no, I then told her, that I don't trust you or Bass Pro Shop. So I walked away from the manager (the manager followed me) and I told another black male associate what had happened. He just put his head down in disappointment. The manager then said she would talk to the girl to get her side of the story. I told her I'll be calling corporate. She replied, you’re going to call corporate? (Her face suggesting there was no need) I said, yep and walked out.

I know some of you think I probably overreacted. But not in my book. My thing is why did that white girl feel comfortable enough to use that racial slur with a customer? Because Bass Pro Shop management, corporate and the CEO Johnny Morris simply does not care (these things start at the top). Obviously there is a culture there that has no thoughts or concerns for the people of color that work or shop in their store that have to endure such a hostile racist environment. A corporate and store culture that tolerates and even embraces white supremacy. Been going on a month since this happened and after contacting corporate several times I have yet heard anything back...I'm not surprised at all. After researching I learned Bass Pro has a well-known documented notorious history for racism and discrimination, including federal law suits for gross racial discrimination. 

Please share this I want the public to know." Jorge Eugene Moran

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