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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Maybe Use Water Cannons In Ferguson Missouri!" Seriously CNN, Seriously

You must listen to this!

Repost from Media Matters

CNN's Rosemary Church Asks "Why Not Perhaps Use Water Cannon" In Ferguson

Church: "At Least It's Not Going To Have The Same Sort Of Effect" As Tear Gas

From the August 19 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:


I will apologize in advance for the statement below. If you read the TPI you know that I am balanced and fair in my reporting and my opine. I can often see both sides of issues and while the liberal perspective will generally garner my affection far more than anything Right of center, I can see and perceive from the Right at times. I abhor complete ignorance, lack of education, and lack of tolerance for people other than white people. Allow me to flag an example that I am accustomed to form Fox News and many conservatives. The CNN International host shows fox News is not the issue; the issue is stark "white privilege" from people with a birthright that confers privilege others do to have. Here is my remark.

"What in the hell is wrong with some white people?" 

If you are diametrically opposite the mindset of Rosemary Church (despite her international background), the comment should not offend you. Basically, the comment is for those who fit the description of the late and great Bob Marley.

"Who Da Cap Fit, Let Them Wear It."

If "Da Cap" Don't fit, no worries. I am not assertion Ms. Church is a bigot. She should, however, along with her writers, managers and producers have a better grasp of US History and South African History. 

Church and her producers seem to suffer from what I call, the "Invisible Negro" Syndrome. The people on the receiving end of the water cannon are not people, they are in fact objects.

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