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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama Vs Putin? Are We Seeing Blinking?

Russian troops pull back from Ukrainian border, Russian operative leaves Ukraine, Ukrainian "separatist" are surrounded and seeking a peaceful stop of armed actions, and Obama's distant handling of the conflict looks brilliant. 

Our world has become so accustomed to armed action, millions seem to long for the next conflict. Many American conservative politicians, Fox News managers and producers and certain conservative radio host seem consumed with finding America's next bombing campaign. They seem to so long for armed action Obama's decision to provide aerial support against ISIL must have provided orgasmic relief.  

Live Leak F-18 Hornet Airstrike in Northern Iraq II

McCain, Graham and a host of conservative politicians along with Fox News hosts and orgasmic relief!

Where are those who declare Obama is weak? Where are those who declare Putin, "a leader?"  The plight of the pathetic Putin worshipper......

He's "What You Call A Leader." 

How very pathetic is Rudy Guiliani? He sat on Fox News and clearly delineated a "dictator" vs. a leader.  

Putin as leader?


How pathetic!

The peace makers appear to be winning the non-combat battles of sanctions and back-off behind the scenes talks. Putin's oligarchs and corporatist seem to have exercised influence over Giuliani's "leader." It seems sanctions against Putin's Soviet Union Russia are changing the dynamics in the region. 

Huffington Post

Ukraine Rebel Leader Says Willing To Accept Ceasefire


DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's rebels are surrounded and ready to agree to a cease-fire to prevent a "humanitarian catastrophe," the insurgents' new leader said Saturday as conditions deteriorated in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, artillery thundering through deserted streets. 
There was no immediate government response to the cease-fire statement. Ukrainian troops have made steady advances against the rebels in recent weeks. 
"We are prepared to stop firing to bar the spread of the scale of the humanitarian catastrophe in Donbass (eastern Ukraine)," Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the so-called prime minister of the Donetsk separatists, said in a statement on a rebel website.

The Peace Maker will always stand as the strong one. 
The strong one will flourish as the war mongering GOP sulks about the lack on interest in a war in Eastern Europe.

Let's take a spin through Russian and conservative America's libido manifestation of Putin and conservative diminution the US President.

Did time have a reason their cover images? Some on the Right suggest respect for Putin, contempt for America's 44th President.

Russian Tweet. And, Russia isn't even a business or military superpower.
Did Time Magazine also demur!

Fox News's Megyn Kelly and jingoist guest suggests Obama is "frightened" (of Putin at the 2:44 minute mark). Would these people actually welcome a renewed Cold War, or would they actually like to report on a nuclear weapons exchange? Obviously, Kelly's viewers are susceptible to messages from The Kelly File's producers. Let's face it they are the very same viewers who soaked and possibly relished in Kelly's "white Santa, white Jesus."

If recent reports are accurate, the machismo and war mongering Right along with Russian militarist must be in the midst of a tsunami sphincter contractions. Putin appears to have blinked.

Isn't the 360 degree human tragedy of Putin worship and the reality of a level-headed Obama one for the ages. The leadership dynamics an differences provide conservative Americans with ample amounts of fodder for Obama derangement. Anti-Obama derangement that provides million dollar contracts to Fox News hosts, compensation to guest who occupy air-time with zany and inane drivel, international bullies like Putin, and the saddest of all: 
Americans who so hate Obama they cling to the facade of Putin leadership.

Worship of Putin's leadership may have  come to a head and the US did not drop one bomb Ukraine. It is a bit early,but signs are showing, Guiliani's "leader" may have blinked.

Actually, the business of who blinked or who blinked is child-like manifestation of the sad state of conservative America. Of critical importance is the fact, Putin appears to have moved Russian troops away from Ukraine border, a Russian intel agent (separatist leader) is leaving the separatist fighting and Ukraine is consolidating its nation.

And, your and my taxes will not take another John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Fox News hit.  

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