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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

O'Reilly and Crew Screwed Up On Pot Legalization

In late July 2014, Fox News chief prime time host and guru anti-Obama propagandist must have decided to run a survey via The Factor website. The survey must have offered a "snow white" opportunity to solicit anticipated feedback from an audience sure to provide desired results. Results for development of a sure fired "rebel yell" story for feed back from O'Reilly's viewers. 

The survey was to be a very basic Internet tool with slam-dunk "No" votes. 

Do you favor the legalization of marijuana?

Marijuana Dot Com reported initial results rolling along as anticipated" 80% of respondents had tipped the results for a great Right-wing anti marijuana segment. As is often the case conservatives fail to grasp the full scope of our technology handy society.  Fox News viewers, especially O'Reilly's viewers, probably are not active social media users. A dynamic that is without reason for disdain or contempt as social media is a choice. The problem manifest when conservative propagandist show producers fail to strategically consider millions find O'Reilly's buffoonery way over the top and offensive.  Those same producers and host fall victim to their own false paradigm.  They fail to realize every second of their show and every aspect of their planning comes under scrutiny. 

Social media got wind of the survey and as should have been anticipated the survey inadvertently tapped into another pool of respondents.

NORML Nation: Bill O'Reilly is hosting a poll on marijuana legalization, but unlike most polls, we are losing! Click to vote and turn the tide. Let's show Prohibitionist O'Reilly that it is time to end the madness and legalize marijuana. Think we can flip these results?

The call to action took shape: 


Click to vote:

The NORML post was updated as such....

After a short period the post was updated as follows....
UPDATE: We went from 18% for, 81% against (1,483 votes) to 70% for, 30% opposed (~4,000 votes) in about 20 minutes. Good work everyone!
Well, the message didn't stop there. It social media transported the message to Reddit’s popular marijuana community. Can you imagine the O'Reilly survey exposed to the most noted progressive and liberal  underground?  Imagine this:

oreilly poll

According to Marijuana Dot Com the survey leveled off after a time, but held steady results. 

I wonder if O'Reilly and his producers will run broadcast survey results. I wager,

One would think the O'Reilly drew would be much smarter. We do not expect much from his audience of sycophants but the multi-millionaire broadcasters stepped into a real landmine.  

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