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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Peggy Noonan's Obama Derangement Takes A Silly Turn

We are going to explore and probe recent comments from Peggy Noonan (introduced below). Noonan recently criticized President Obama's relaxed appearance (without suit coat) as he commented about the silliness and sadness of the GOP, specifically the GOP dominated House of OZ. Noonan's criticism was both hypocritical and phony as she attempted to force her view of the world and personal paradigm onto President Obama. 

Peggy Noonan, WSJ editorial writer-staff,  is the most pompous Right-wing pundit/operative regularly broadcast on The Sunday morning  (conservative news shows).  She is a non-verbal nightmare, or should I say a non-verbal horror show caricature. Noonan reminds of the person you sometimes run into, exchange greeting pleasantries, and within 30 seconds you realize, "....ooh this person is communication embarrassment...." The person is like a talking mime who has not lost all of the exaggerated physical movements and you cannot get away from the person soon enough. 

While there are many examples of over-exaggerated elitist (tea tipper) non verbals, we located a few link critiques of Noonan's punditry from a May 2013 appearance on Meet The Press. Two of the following segments are hosted by comedians; and yes, I reached to Rush Limbaugh to make a point about Noonan's recent criticism of an Obama public appearance. If you are or normal intellect , the relevant portion of the Limbaugh audio is the first 16 seconds only. 

Before you visit either, each or all of the following links, let me remind, my point relates to hypocrisy, elitism, and subtle derangement. Noonan is in no position to direct Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the United States of America to stopping dropping his "g's" when speaking before certain audiences.

The Majority Report, Sam Seder May 2013:

The Jimmy Dore Show (Comedian but germane and to the point):

Dropping "g"s???? Limbaugh clip (first fifteen 16 seconds only). "Cruisin for a Brusin.....? 

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, "Hey Let's All Pile On The President!" 


The Raw Story (Linked)

Reaganite Peggy Noonan says Obama shouldn’t be ‘dropping his g’s, slouching around’

By Arturo Garcia
Friday, August 1, 2014 
Peggy Noonan speaks to CBS News

Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan made a bizarre reference to President Barack Obama’s grammar and posture on Thursday while accusing him of practicing divisive politics.

“He shouldn’t be at campaign-type rallies where he speaks only to the base, he should be speaking to the country,” she wrote. “He shouldn’t be out there dropping his g’s, slouching around a podium, complaining about his ill treatment, describing his opponents with disdain: ‘Stop just hatin’ all the time.’”

Noonan’s complaint referenced Obama’s speech on Wednesday in Kansas City, during which he made repeated requests for GOP lawmakers to “get some work done.” She did not mention that Obama made the speech hours before House Republicans pushed a bill through calling for them to sue Obama over changes to the Affordable Care Act.
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All said, we recognize Noonan is paid handsomely to disparage "all things" Obama. Let's fold that point away as fact with no need to discuss farther. Let's probe Obama as public speaker with varied audiences outside the 92% white GOP and 75% Libertarian movement. 

A few words about Obama, his adroit communication team, and public appearances.  Let's start with the fact Barack H. Obama was not raised from birth through Harvard Law School (and President of the Conservative Harvard Review), by people who can boost about offshore tax evading accounts. He has no roots in the Hamptons. He has never lived with guardians or parents who simultaneously owned homes.  Obama, has no record of owning multiple homes (e.g., Romney once own nine homes). His wife has never owned an Olympian horse and I have yet to read reports of the Obama's having on notice access to Yachts and private planes.  I assume that Obama attended public schools through highs school. He and Michelle Obama have comments about their student loans. He is a man of common lineage. Contrast the archetypal Noonan "tea-tipper" regarding paying student loans via the Mitt Romney life experience; one probably shared by Noonan: ".....borrow money (from college) from your parents." Link (relevant from the start of the clip through the 1:01 minute mark.) 

Next point. As one who has taught public speaking, a key lesson is: know your audience, be audience centric and deliver your message for effect. All people in audiences bring a perspective to the speaking event that individually varies, but evolve around a common core: WIIFM (What is in it for me). Any individual WIIFM is influenced by acceptability of the speaker. Does the speaker connect with me,and if so how?  Watch as Obama speaks to varied audiences. Also noted his hand gestures and movements. Of particular interest is the fact, Obama would exhibit no such hand movements if speaking in Japan as that culture is not a culture of varied and sweepings hand movement while speaking.  Notice the direct and pointed finger of his favored hand (Obama is left handed). When speaking with Arabic or middle Eastern audiences he will use his hands for gestures that denote emphasis or key points. Gestures often absent when speaking public in other cultures.

The following video are for purpose of illustration. The video segments are not posted for full viewing as one segment is a full speech. We are seeking individual snippet validation of my posit: Obama makes no mistakes when developing a speech, preparing for a speech and delivering a speech. A secondary reason for the video gallery is to mock the inane babble of Noonan and her pointless criticism. Lots of work and time spent on the inane Noonan?  

The propagandist has an easy burden: simple development of persuasive messages without regard for fact.  Countering the propagandist carries a heavier burden and it is important to spare no expense or fail to expend available resources (and energy) refuting the propagandist. Every successful propaganda message from the Right moves the nation farther back into the dark ages.

Skim through the following and recognize Nooan's drivel as such because there really isn't a lot available for criticism of President Obama.

Exhibit I. 
Exhibit Ia.  
Skip (only) through the first twelve minutes of the speech.  Watch the hands!

Exhibit II.
Obama speaking to an American audience (without teleprompter) with virtually no use of pointed finger and scant, if any, use of hand gestures. A very different audience with a more tempered and informational and formal message.
Exhibit III.
Obama Addresses the United Nations Assembly.  Formal speech style with hand gestures that appears pre-determined and planed, for a global assembly and audience with translation dynamics.  The epitome an speech making to a varied audience and with deep implications. 
Exhibit IV.
Obama speaks to students about college affordability.  Notice the non-suit coat, very relaxed and exaggerated hand gestures for the "millennial" audience. Of course, he appears effective as far less than formal.  Skip through the first eight minutes only.
Exhibit V.
This week in Kansas City Missouri.  The speech that drew Noonan's elitist "tip tipping" criticism....... "stop dropping "g's" and "stop leaning."  Linked (stet at 5:26 minutes mark).  The full speech below (no need to view the full segment.) My point is easily viewed in the first five minutes.

And, my point is....the effective communicator develops his or her speech for each occasion. On what authority does the "stiff-necked"* Noonan possess and exercise criticism of a person who's oratory and communication style are enamored even among those foolish enough to harbor lower approval ratings? Maybe, the inimitable Noonan experienced a clairvoyant "fit" of this week's economic news?  Maybe, she knew her party congressionals would literally make fools of themselves twice this week and in consecutive days. In any case, and even if led into the criticism, her words denote a "Bridge Too Far" if she reached for cogent and relevant commentary. 

Noonan should contemplate the following:

(Note: Internet terrorists attempted to inject male-ware upon my visiting the web page to secure the first image below.  How sad is the political Right?  It is a testament to American conservatism that someone would perform a malicious act against anyone seeking to view the page the page.)

President Obama does not take speaking engagements lightly. 


Does Noonan actually failed to realize every public move from President  Obama is a move accompanied by anticipation of impact on the audience?  Obama is the consummate communicator. His audience is his immediate focus; his mission is the worldwide audience via split-second media transmission. We sought and found validation of Obama's speech prep, wrapped in a humorous video piece. A 1:56 minute video segment developed by Steven Spielberg shows the value Obama places on communication and various nuances of communication. The following is both humorous and revealing.  I could be wrong, but there appears to be editing of actual speech preparation mixed with outright humor for presentation at the 2013 Correspondent's Dinner.

Let's close on two notes, now that Noonan's inane drivel has been debunked. First point, if the economy was tanking and the ACA was a failure, the president wasn't seeing budget gains, the deficit wasn't slowly inching downward and her party was experiencing high approval ratings, Noonan could probably avoid such foolishness criticism.  Now, for the final point. I believe Noonan was earning millions via the WSJ and Sunday morning news contracts when these speeches took place.

Bush I.
Bush II.

  *Bob Marley and the Wailers – Stiff Necked Fools lyrics

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