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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rick Perry's Border Deployment Is Pure Political Subterfuge

In July 21, 2014, Rick Perry took a definitive step towards a potential campaign for the GOP  nomination for president in 2016. The departing Governor of Texas leveraged the Central American refugee crisis as an opportunity to showboat his power to order National Guard troops to them US southern border. Perry, took the executive measure despite evidence of declining numbers from Central America, and with no influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico. 

On July 24th, Mother Jones published a piece with a graphic that validates Perry's political deployment. A deployment charged to the citizens of Texas. (See excerpt from Mother Jones piece via Media Matters published today).

Media Matters 

"Fox News Falsely Credits Rick Perry's National Guard Deployment Plan For Abatement Of Immigration

Experts Cite Normal Summer Migration Decrease"

August 06, 2014

Mother Jones: The Decrease In Immigration Is "Entirely Predictable." In a July 24 article Mother Jones explained that the decrease in immigrants crossing the border during the summer months is a pattern that has been seen for many years:
But the slowdown in the number of children picked up over the last few weeks also seems entirely predictable: Since 1999, the overall number of undocumented migrants apprehended by the Border Patrol has peaked in the spring before dropping precipitously during the summer months. In Texas' Rio Grande Valley area--the area seeing the most child migrants--July temperatures reach well up into the 90s, and often higher. Here's a month-by-month look at apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol sector:

[Mother Jones7/24/14]
Think of the power to showboat a military deployment and pass the expenses on to your constituents.

Wouldn't you know, (Drum roll please) Fox News to the rescue. On July 21st, Bill Hemmer "White hat and white horse with silver boot spurs" broadcast a segment lauding Perry with typical Fox News lies about drastic reductions in border crossings. Hemmer reminded of the Lone Ranger arriving to rescue a damsel tied to a railroad track with Latino refugees anxiously awaiting the train. 

If you chose to avoid Hemmer's propaganda  broadcast, I offer a snippet via Media Matters. 

HEMMER: Since Rick Perry initiated his border patrol agents going down there, the biggest area where people were coming across, the Rio Grande area, there is 60-mile stretch, it's been cut in half by 60% in just a few days since they started. [Fox News, America's Newsroom, 8/6/14]
The Media Matter piece offers additional praise for Perry's deployment. 

I will admit total contempt for conservative America and extreme disdain for Fox News, I also admit personal dissonance for people who sit and watch the network for daily doses of pure unabridged propaganda.

Perry's political strategy is a gross waste of state funds and a serious waste of National Guard deployment. It is a strategy indicative of a politician who skirts along the fringe of common sense and mental acuity. In many ways Perry so reminds of Sarah Palin, it is truly uncanny.  

As we consider the future candidate for the GOP nomination, it is important to occasionally visit with other Perry screw-ups: Rick Perrys Dumbest Moments Ever Recorded.

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