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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Twitter Tree: Fox News, Auto Industry, Ferguson Missouri, Open Carry

Fox News feeds its 'tin hat' viewers more gibberish on Obama vacations. Both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush took vacation that span four to five weeks consecutive each year while in office. In fact, when briefed on the potential for Al Qaeda terror in August 2001; Bush was on vacation at his fake ranch." Three weeks later our world changed forever. A little attention might have warded of the international demise of the United States of America. 

Better to be judge by 12 than carried by 6.....

Would you call this White Privilege?  Before you answer think if the man was black.

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Did I hear demagogues on Fox News ranting about Obama not wearing a tie when making a statement related to ISIS?  Well...... I offer three lil Piggies!
Russell Brand on Fox News and its overt racist lean.
Really now!
A reminder of times long past! 
Now let's remind of vacations, since every time the Obamas even think of time-off for the busiest and most demanding job across the globe, the Right goes silly-dilly.
While the Right disparages one of the nation's most prolific president's since FDR, the auto industry continues to flourish. Recall, the Right would have allowed our auto industry to fold-up and become chattel for foreign corporatists.

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