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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Joe Scarborough

"Stunningly superficial" as the daughter frets her father's insult to her co-host.  

Joe Scarborough: a $100,000 per week far-right conservative MSNBC revenue cash cow. Yes, the early morning "get dressed" and finish breakfast new viewers is the domain of the American conservative. Whether running and to get to their Top 20% office  or settling-in as the "home-spouse" for the day while the spouse earns the big bucks, morning TV provides energetic mental and psyche sustenance. Once, conservative viewers head for the office, media transforms from the visual and auditory mish-mash (TV) to AM radio's overwhelming number of conservative radio stations.  

Ah, as the absorbent conservative enters their respective offices, they are satiated knowing after eight to ten hours evening Fox News propagandist will shepherd them off to bed inoculated for the next day. They slumber with dreams of Obama derangement, evangelical false prophecy, love of authoritarianism, longing for video of US bombardments and emboldened with the false reality, they are above and beyond those people in poor neighborhood, ghettos and middle class enclaves. Yes, they are immune from the overt oppression of the 95% who whether welcomed or not, derive social benefit from their conferred (at birth) privilege. They literally live in a Land of Oz (The House of OZ) 

No matter the level of heavy handedness, they find rational reasoning for the abusive act. Scarborough recently illustrated the level of blind obedience and subservience to heavy handed authority, and he did so like no other. Joe attempted to give his morning conservatives a blast that would last until midday. 

Meet two reporters who were told to leave a local MacDonald's fast food outlet while doing nothing more than re-charging their equipment batteries and possible having a Chicken McNugget or two.

Washington Post Reporter Wesley Lowery. (Twitter/@WesleyLowery)
Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly. (Twitter/@ryanjreilly)
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"I will just say if I saw that video and my son was the one police arrested after that episode, I'd say, 'Joey, heres a clue. When the cops tell you for the thirtieth time, let's go, you know what that means, son? It means let's go. I'm sorry...I don't sit there and have a debate and film the police officer unless I want to get on TV and have people talk about me the next day."
And, this response from the Washington Post Reporter.
"I would invite Joe Scarborough to come down to Ferguson and get out of 30 Rock where he's sipping his Starbucks smugly...I have little patience for talking heads. This is too important. This is a community in the United States of America where things are on fire. This community is on edge. There is so much happening here and instead of putting reporters on the ground we have people like Joe Scarborough running their mouth who have no idea what they're talking about."
When it comes to Scarborough and his contract co-hosts, I dread the thought bother to tune-in. As I think of the over compensation conservative talking head, I think of this.
Brzezinski simply nailed it. "Stunningly superficial!" As the words pleasantly flowed through my brain, I thought: "Well, Brzezinski actually depicted the the entirety of the GOP and many in conservative America." They are superficial people who agonize when time comes to dig deep for information or exercise deep contemplation.
I suggest superficial to the point of utter dangerous to the greater society. 

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