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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Sarah Palin Attempts To Refute Elizabeth Warren's Eloquence and Relevance

Eloquence and relevance

"No comment....."
Elizabeth Warren Netroots 2014, Detroit, Michigan, and 11 points that clearly set a stake as a forward leaning progressive. She also speaks about what America should be and how progressives should recapture a past set of values long forgotten and moving farther away from the mainstream. After a few seconds of speaking the an energetic audience, background music ensues. While, I am not certain of the origin of the music, it works as an aid to the Warren message.

If you have a progressive bone in your body, the message is clear, cogent and relevant. She speaks a call-to-action rarely heard in US politics while showing ideology leadership well beyond that of any prospective 2016 declared or rumored candidate for the Oval Office. 

You have to know someone on the political Right would take exception to Warren's message. Did you think the person who would attempt to counter Warren's eloquent, relevant and cogent comments would be Sarah Palin? 

Palin's television appearance: Linked here.
Palin's completely idiotic and stumbling comments regarding Warren's point six (Fast Food wages). 

Talking Points Memo 
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Sarah Palin Channel's Latest Video Is Just A Bunch Of Word Salad (VIDEO)




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