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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Steve King and Rand Paul (Frick and Frack?)

Birds of a feather. Two DREAMers ruined Paul's photo Op!
Rand Paul and Steve King show why Americans should be ashamed of the GOP. Paul shows typical GOP cowardice when faced with the prospect of the truth, and King is so consumed with racism he cannot relate to the impromptu interaction.  

Watch a Unite Blue Twitter video (mere seconds) depicting Paul running like a frightened insect when hit by unexpected sunlight.


Meet Erika Andiola and in the midst of an obviously planned interaction with King. We will post a video of the interaction, but let's first view a few images of Paul showing his inner core: shady, shadowy, slick avoidance of a key national issue.

It is called running from the truth. "Watch Paul Run." 

Paul has anointed himself the minority outreach GOP libertarian. You know of his traipsing across the nation speaking at African-American events scoring few if any converts in all along. You know of Paul avoiding the factual statements he made to Rachel Maddow two years ago. Statements that clearly showed Paul as a bigot who does not support Civil Rights legislation. Why run for the DREAMer?  You also know Paul as a 'serial plagiarizer.'  It is important to remember people who plagiarize to the extent of Paul's malfeasance, are people who cannot be trusted regarding values, morals, nor integrity.  

An introduction that ended lunch with no tip left for the table server!

“I’m actually a DREAMer, myself.” DREAM ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Action Coalition co-director Erika Andiola, introduced herself to Representative Stephen King (R-IA). King was apparently having lunch with noted political opportunist Rand Paul (and a staffer), while attending an Iowa state fundraiser. Once the introduction moved to comment from Andiola, and it was obvious to Paul Steve King would be forced to respond, Paul reacted exactly as I would expect from a less than courageous opportunist. He decided to abandon his sandwich and his lunch guest, King, and opted for a cowardice retreat. It is called running from the truth.

The full YouTube segment.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews (and panel) Hardball, analyzed the interaction with an emphasis on the racist King. Linked. Matthews also solicit comment from (DACA) co-director Erika Andiola.

MSNBC's All In fill-in host Ezra Klein reported on the shifty and less than 'straight-up" Paul via the other DREAMer in the video (above). Ezra's guest is activist Cesar Vargas. Linked.

Representative King? Well, we know King is a loathsome racist. There is no need to screed farther on his interaction with Andiola.  The video speaks for itself.

Paul on the other hand continues to show, he is far from a respectable person and deploys shiftiness very easily avoidable in people who exercise high levels of personal values.

Paul would be president!  

I cannot close without commenting on Chris Matthews and his producer's choice to glean right over Paul's behavior via abandoning his burger when the comments went "Hot." Matthews seems to have an affinity for Paul that is very uncharacteristic of a liberal when Paul's ideology has been thoroughly divulged via his comments and lies. Did Matthews and team choose to avoid probing Paul's lunch departure with hope of keeping a door open for a Paul visit on Hardball? Matthews failure to even mention Paul's lack of respect for the two DREAMers is a major disappointment. Other than a perfunctory mention of Paul's sudden departure (along with what seem to be hired hand camera guys), I simply missed any serious acknowledgment of a shameful act. The photo opportunity with King didn't go as planned and Paul's obvious wish to charm Iowa voters, flopped.

Let's recap a moment. 

Rand Paul has:
  • Spoken on camera about his lack of support for the 1965 Civil Rights Act.
  • Spoke about business owner's property rights, which means business owners can deny service base on race, sexual orientation and other "non-white" factors.
  • Plagiarize more than any politician in US History (both written and public speeches).
  • Paul has pretended to "give a damn" about the African-American experience via phony (patronizing) college visits and advancing a bill that factually aids convicted felons and their voting rights once their prison sentence have been completed. The bill also has a Trojan Horse component as the conviction rate for blacks is a far cry different than whites. Paul could hit the black community's Achilles Heel, while garnering a few gullible votes. 
  • Paul's response to running from the two DREAMers: Outright lie!  I know it, you know it and Paul's staff knows it.  

.......AND THE BAND PLAYS ON...... 

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