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Thursday, August 21, 2014

TPI Twitter Tree..Watching Conservatives From A Safe Distance

Don Lemon goes in studio to draw viewers. Lemon allows the "silly' conservative Kevin Jackson an opportunity to say practical nothing, and then issued a story of use of the "N" word. I can surmise Mr. Jackson was offering some sort of defense for authorities. I seriously hope Lemon's story doesn't surprise you.
Do you think Wilson, regardless of reason, you might have over done it?

[Image via screengrab]

Equal Pay anyone?
Conferred Privilege (AKA White Privilege)
Dizzy assed fool CNN International host!
The Camera does not lie!  
Now, imagine the cop with a gun and the level of rage reaped upon his victim. Can you then see how Mike Brown was executed? 
Some of you especially the conservatives who hold their noses while visiting the TPI, will find this "tree branch" an example of "Talking and Takers." It does not matter factual school agreed children in the millions receive one of their most important meals during the school day.
Oh yes, the ever-present "N" Word!
Why do non-conservative black people agree to a booking with Sean Hannity?

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