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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"White Grievance" Or Denial of "White Privilege?"

Earlier in the week Fox News reacted to longstanding assertions of overwhelming "White Privilege" in the United States. Anyone who would argue "race does not matter and argue we live on a land of balanced playing social opportunity," is either insane or they have motive to close their minds and,or, lie.

The key question is why would Fox News undertake the challenge of addressing white privilege? Why tackle a topic no one at Fox News is capable of discussing without common Fox News slants towards its predominate white audience. Of course, Fox News viewers will for the most part agree with Bill O'Reilly. along that line, I am factually surprised O'Reilly and his producers didn't facilitate and online or call-in survey for viewer support of O'Reilly obtuse perspective. A perspective I can assure you even pre-teens or early aged teens have learned in their few years of life in America.

O'Reilly and "white Santa" Megyn Kelly from August 26, 2014 discussing white privilege.
KELLY: It's big. It's big, but it's not just family culture. I mean you look at -- if you are -- look at that stat about the black children, four times as likely to live in poor neighborhoods as white children. And in the St. Louis area -- 
O'REILLY: But that's all economically driven. 
KELLY: There is documented white flight. The blacks, as they move out to these suburbs like Ferguson, the whites take off. These become black neighborhoods, the schools, they get forgotten. And the black population feels forgotten, Bill. That's why they feel resentful. They don't believe the justice system is going to give them a fair shake. They don't believe the economic system is going to give them a fair shake. President Obama made all sorts of promises that didn't come true. Their Democratic governor in Missouri made all sorts of promises that didn't come true. They have very few people to trust. 
O'REILLY: All right. And I agree with all of those statements. But nothing will get better in this country until the culture changes. And the culture is, you can do it. And here's what you have to do.

Did you think for one second O'Really would accept Megyn Kelly's lack of interest in following him down a path that he is least equipped to address?  Of course not! 

The very next day O'Reilly did what he does when he needs the perception of a qualified co-signer. He grabbed the willing conservative mouthpiece and disavow-er of all racism: Ben Carson. Carson is a Fox News gold-plated anvil who will go on camera when requested and spew some of the most ridiculous B/S Fox could order up.

While my experience in life has been far different than that of most whites of comparable age and gender, I am going to offer a couple of examples of why Bill O'Reilly like so many others are full of conservative bull.  And. he actually knows better.  

I often tell about as a very young boy, under age 5, entering the "Colored Entrance" of an SS Kresge Store in Deep southern Arkansas. My Mom took me shopping with here that Saturday, and all was beautiful. After entering the store, Mom went about her shopping and I , as any young one left even slightly unattended or unobserved, wonder over to a water fountain. The fountain was accompanied by a small set of steps which denoted the apparatus as obvious for children (Or the extremely short in statue). Of course, the fountain had a sign very visibly posted above: A grey sign white lettering. No, I could not read the sign. Many many years alter I realized what that sign must have stated.
My fountain did not even have an accompanying fountain for "COLORED" to drink. 
I did what young kids do as I discerned that I could climb the three steps. I climbed the steps an activated the fountain and, "Yes, I TOOK A FRIGGIN DRINK." My memory after that point is gone. No I was not bludgeoned or even called a a vile word, and told to get away from there. (Bet you thought the worse!). No, my Mom must have observed my manual dexterity and rescued me from the potential ravages she would have reaped via my innocence and blissful ignorance. I was taken immediately out of the store. Our shopping day was over. 
As a young volunteer member of the US Air Force stationed in the Great State of Mississippi during the Viet Nam Era, I was given a harsh reality. Our flight lieutenant call all black airmen together for a meeting. During the quick meeting he informed us that we could not attend the squadron's Christmas party. His reason for the US Air Force segregation? "...the owner of the downtown establishments did not allow Blacks in his bldg". Many years alter I had an epiphany. I now feel that the owner of that establishment was not the culprit. I strongly feel that segregation emanated up my chain of command.
You might say, my examples are aged and indicative of a time of the US Jim Crow Dinosaur Era; I  vehemently disagree. 

How would O'Reilly explain this if any child age ten or lower happened to have viewed it this past December 13th.  Megyn Kelly's "white Santa; white Jesus."  Also note the racial composition of the panel, the smiles and depth of ignorance in defense of "white Santa."  

And this.....

In January 2014, Zillow published a piece on housing discrimination. 

What issues related to pay?

OOPs, O'Reilly speaks about culture and associated deflection (sophism) and it looks like women (white women included) Also suffer under the oppressive control of the 'white male.'

Alas, we would not expect O'Reilly, a multi-millionaire bigot, to think about "White Grievance" and defense of a flawed social reality. 

Sadly, some conservatives actually buy into poppycock dogma for Fox News major cash-cow propagandist.

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