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Sunday, September 28, 2014

A GOP And Conservative Briar-Patch of Cognitive Pain And National Embarrassment Via Facebook

Let's start the week off with a run through American conservatism and conservative media. As we move towards the fall mid-term elections, it is imperative informed people offset the vote of those who absorb what you are about to read and view like like a sponge. 

Ben Carson, starts the run with an early morning appearance on Fox news. You know life isn't progressing well, when a host on Fox news calls you out for zaniness and outright lies. Of course, Chris Wallace would not label any conservative as such, but a simple deduction from his question should leave you with that impression. 

Carson has declared a strong probability he will cast his name in the cesspool of GOP candidate for president in 2016. Well, you and I know the GOP and we know conservative America. Apparently, Carson is so indoctrinate to his party. He, like Herman Cain, actually believe they have a shot at the GOP nomination? How could these men fail to recognize the demographics and polices of their party, fail to remove the blinders and accept their party is not going to advance a black man to the top of their 2016 ticket.

There is one thing set in stone. Carson knows how to appeal to the "tin hat" far Right in his party. Do you think,withal, he still believes in the tooth fairy?

What would a run through the party be without a reminder of GOP homophobia. Can you imagine, as with 3% of African-American voters, there are LGBT people who actually support the GOP. There really is a conservative LGBT community.

This GOP politician almost reminds of this, linked. What a pompous ass?

Fox News's chief demagogue and the bloviating Bill O'Reilly rationalizes the Gender Pay Gap with overt exercise of gender bigotry and 'white male privilege.' 

Gender Pay Gap  The embodiment of Fox News and the GOP "War on Women." 

Limbaugh ratings slump...OOPS. Could America have come to a state of cleansing the filth of the Limbaugh Network?

Post by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers.

Utter treason brewing in the GOP! Disobey lawful orders of the Commander-In-Chief? And, if the Command-In-Chief did not take action against ISIS, these same talking-heads would vehemently complain.

Death Panels Fox?  Really? 

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