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Monday, September 15, 2014

A Koch Twitter Tree

Today's Tree is about the US and our growing plague: Koch Oligarchy. Before we move to the various branches, let's take a look at how Koch stooges influence our world.

Any exploration of Kochism flows through GOP leaders and nascent governors (eg. Scott Walker, Rick Scott etc.) consider the tea party and GOP mantra "Shut er down." Since, just before the inauguration of then president-elect GOP obstruction was carefully plotted and comprehensive strategy was laid-out for GOP tactical planning execution. If you are naive enough to think the 2013 government shutdown wasn't a absolute "woodie" for the Kochs and other GOP money-brokers, you shouldn't bother to visit today's Tree. The GOP enacts no policy, plan nor procedure without clear thumbs-up from Julius Caesar like figures who fund GOP politicians and who collectively exist as the GOP's ultimate constituent. 

As a possible constituent of the GOP, reflect on how you felt about your elected officials throughout 2013. The Ted Cruz/GOP shutdown has been reported to have cost the nation a $24 billion GDP hit. The shutdown accomplished nothing and failed to even pose a glitch to the then developing Affordable Care Act. Alas, the US tea party led House of Representatives via Cantor and Boehner also provided libido charges to their uber wealthy money brokers. House leadership 54 repeal ObamaCare votes at $1.6 million per vote tallied to an impress $86.4 million figurative tithing for the money-brokers. No you are not the ultimate GOP constituent. 

As we move towards the fall mid-term elections, Koch court-jester stooges are in full blossom tithing and groveling. Mitch McConnell's recent major pandering at the Koch California retreat foretells efforts to ensure funding for McConnell's fall campaign. If you think just a bit more deeply, can you imagine six more years of McConnell in the US Senate and (based on voter apathy) possibly as Majority Leader.
The Koch-topus has tentacles you and I see and hear each day. Now, why would people who are worth a combined $90 plus billion USD wish to literally own the US government? 

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The perfect Koch Stooge and Facilitator 

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In 2012, progressive filmmaker Robert Greenwald released his documentary "The Koch Brothers Exposed," which helped shine a light on the secretive actions taken by Charles and David Koch, the extremist billionaires who have become a fundamental element of the right-wing, anti-working family agenda that has dominated much of the country's political discourse in recent years. Now Greenwald is releasing an updated version of the film, "The Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition," which focuses on several new avenues the Koch brothers have begun pursuing since the release of the original film, particularly suppressing the minimum wage, busting unions and disenfranchising voters.

A new article from Rolling Stone takes a closer look at the Koch brothers and Greenwald's film:

For most people, an attack from the fourth-richest (and perhaps most politically conniving) men in America would slow them down. But instead, Greenwald, who became interested in the powerful duo when he read Jane Mayer's 2010 New Yorker profile, decided to double down and began work on "The Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition." The update, which is now available free online, is centered on their influence in (and outpouring of money since) the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. While researching and producing it with his small staff at Brave New Films, Greenwald says he was "surprised by not just the sheer numbers, but the extraordinary lengths they go to legally hide the amounts they're giving." 
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In the spring of this year, the Washington Post provided a graphic illustration of the Koch-topus via a graphic similar to a mind map.
Inside the Koch-backed political donor network

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