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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Andrew Rei GOP As Mafia And Reflections of Russia

Repost from Andrew Rei (Friend of the TPI)  

Andrew Rei wrote a new note: Let's just go ahead and admit the sad truth.

Let's just go ahead and admit the sad truth

Ya know how something just "dawns" on you, aka, you have an "epiphany"? This past week, I had yet another epiphany.

GOP Progressives and Moderates: you need to "listen" to me here and reject the fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance you've had instilled into you by the GOP's nearly century-long Fascist "gaslighting" propaganda campaign....

ISIL and the glorified Mafia organizations that run Russia and the GOP are terrorist organizations. Yes, I just wrote that: the GOP are Terrorists.

Now, before you get up in arms about my truthful statement, allow me to explain the two types of terrorist organizations......

ISIL is an example of the "pure" or "classic" form of terrorist organization, one that I call "Blue-Collar". Not only do they have the Fascist and terrorist ideology, they also do the "dirty work" (aka, bombings, beheadings, etc.) themselves. Most terrorist organizations fall into this category.

The GOP and Russia, on the other hand, are "White-Collar" terrorists, meaning that, while they have the Fascist and terrorist ideology, they pay or get others to do their dirty work for them. Those people they pay to do their dirty work are in three categories: military, civilian authorities and Fascist Reich-Wing "patriot"/religious groups. In Russia, you'll notice that their military does the dirty work for them, whether in their own country or others and the "Russian Separatist" group in Ukraine is doing the dirty work there. As far as the GOP goes, you'll note that there's been an exponential growth in Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Job domestic terrorist groups since Barack Obama became President. That's no accident. In fact, the GOP show us that they're on board with those organizations through their silence, as they refuse to admonish, criticize or condemn these groups for their activities/ideology.

The GOP could get out front of this and condemn those organizations, but they won't, which provides further proof that they share the same Fascist and terrorist ideology. What a shame. Very similar to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who are loathe to support efforts against ISIL, which, in turn, lends credibility to the belief that several Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are funding ISIL.

Sorry, kids, but it's the truth: the GOP are a White-Collar terrorist group. If you vote for them, you give them your approval for their ideology and activities. I'm going to "cut off at the pass" the false equivalency argument many will spew in opposition to these truthful words: "well, the Democrats are terrorists, too, because they're supported by unions".....ssmdh. Of course, one of the 15 DCs of Fascism is the suppression or elimination of labor unions. While the One-Percenters like the Koch brothers represent themselves, unions represent thousands of people. And, yes, while some mafia organizations in the past, most notably, Al Capone's (the political machine of Chicago), were supportive of the Democratic Party, the simple fact of the matter is that the GOP and their supporters are the mafioso-types these days. The truth is the truth and the facts are the facts; denying them proves mental instability. And, since the GOP are truth-averse and fact-challenged, they need to employ Fascist gaslighting propaganda to try and fool people into thinking that the truth are lies and that lies are the truth. The GOP abandoned the truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense of matters long ago in favor of that Fascist gaslighting propaganda campaign.

GOP Progressives and Moderates: this is your party now, a domestic White-Collar terrorist organization...........ssmdh :-)

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