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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chuck Todd As Mr. Meet The Press (Really?)

NBC replaced the closet and squirmy conservative David Gregory with a much more sniveling conservative who happened to hold the position as NBC News Director: Chuck Todd. Greogry's replacement is a far more conservative who has been given opportunity to spew conservative slants on all things Obama form the confines of a 50% progressive network.  

If you need a reminder, Todd was revealed as having actively involved in a redistricting conversation with Ohio Secy' of State Johns Husted. Husted accounting of the interaction differed from clarifying claims by Todd, but the question remains: "Why in the hell would an MSNBC news director and a Republican Secy' of State have business referred to as a "luncheon?"  The interaction reminds of John King's, CNN, comments about dinner with the former South Carolina Governor (Appalachian trail fame) Sanford and their respective wives. US politics today is such, entities do not do casual lunch and formal dinners unless their is serious likeness of thought,  and political lean.  

Can you imagine, Lawrence O'Donnell having lunch or dinner with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner?  

NBC's decision to hand Meet The Press over to one of its most conservative host is revealing.  During this age of anti-Administration derangement from the Right, Todd on Meet The Press isn't actually a surprise. If we consider the extent to which conservatives are the "Flavor of the Day" every Sunday morning, again we are not surprised with Todd's lucrative assignment. Yet, we find Todd's placement comparable to CBS executives hiring David Rhodes, former Fox News executive, to head its news division.  Hence, the deceitful Lara Logan "Benghazi Story on 60 Minutes. 

When networks reach beyond fairness to employ news shapers (Right or Left), the network performs a disservice to fair and balanced reporting and cripples deliver of information to the nation. Todd like Andrea Mitchell and Joe Scarboroguh are clearly conservative in their show development and job performance. Just as the entire MSNBC evening crew is liberal in their show development and job performance. Why did NBC go with Todd; decidedly Right?
The answer is as clear as GOP obstruction: viewer entertainment and revenues.

News networks are as guilty of societal malfeasance when they employ and direct new ideologues as the past president's who stacked the current conservative SCOTUS.

Todd on Meet The Press will fail. If his performance on Sunday repeats, his contract as Mr. Meet the Press will not run two years. 

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