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Friday, September 5, 2014

Don Lemon: " Islam was more violent than other religions?"

It was reported to me, The Daily Caller published a piece in which CNN's Don Lemon asked panel of guest " Islam was more violent than other religions?"  Since, I do not avail myself to Right-wing yellow journalism and Tucker Carlson propaganda, I sought the story and low and behold.....

I find the question abhorrent along with Lemon has again reached to the gutter for ratings he alone would call journalism.

As was the case when Lemon on-air live chastised young African-American males for "sagging pants, use of the "N" Word and by juxtaposing his comments, exhorted black people to pick-up the trash. He spoke well beyond his stated audience. Lemon and his producers are opportunist who at times match Fox News in delivery of segments meant to incite excite, and induce return visit. You disagree?

If you disagree I would ask that you seek deeper contemplation than Lemon's on-air remarks and exhortations. His message was supposedly an effort to perform a service with consideration of young black people. If you accept that premise, I would encourage you to seek viewer data for CNN and Lemon's show. You will find viewer data that does not include large young black male viewership nor, for that matter, young any race viewership of CNNs nascent protagonist. Moreover, I find it intriguing, Lemon was anointed with his own show shortly after the "N" word and sagging pants segment. 

Et Tu, Don? 

Lemon's appeal to his predominately white viewers was comparable to Megyn Kelly's playing the "white Santa; white Jesus" card 12 days before Christmas 2013.  Yet, Lemon's "N" word segment differed from Kelly racist segment as such. Lemon was not taken off the air for three days to return with the very shallow claim of white Santa humor, claims of speaking to (Santa aged kids) kids at 10PM EST and an advertisement for the "Powerful Fox News network."  

Both Lemon and Kelly played to their audiences and they did so for similar reason: entertainment and ratings. 

I posit the the "Islam" segment is more of the same from Lemon. Asking the question about the prospect of Islam being more violent than other religions is bigoted and could be construed as racist (with exception for Eastern Europe). Also recognize Lemon's producers know their business. Developing such a segment required careful and strategic preparation with equally careful guest booking. There was no stumbling with BLONDE indifference to Black History and the use of "Water Canons." (As per CNNI's Rosemary Church).

The question has to be posed: "How would Lemon react if a host on Fox News asked a panel of predominately white guest if black people or Gay people were more violent than other races?"  Better yet, how would CNN's Reliable Sources host Brain Stelter report on the question the following Sunday? 

Twitchy Dot Com shows exactly why the question fits my premise and provided entertainment and excitement for conservatives. In much more simple terms such bigotry draws bigots and racist.

If you followed the Twitchy threads can you imagine Lemon garnered a few future viewers?  If you did not visit Twitchy check these out.

So, let’s settle this: is Islam a more violent religion than other faiths?
YA, THINK???? CNN’s Don Lemon Does The Unthinkable, Asks If Islam MAY Be ‘More Violent’ Than Other Faiths 
Notice use of ISIS photo with intent to recruit!  A sect that is patently nob religious.

Now, for that familiar trail of American Exceptionalism.

  1. CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Is Islam A More Violent Religion Than Other Faiths?’ [VIDEO] 
@DailyCaller yes don. Yes it is
  1. .@DonLemon Asks Guests: 'Is Islam More Violent Than Any Other Faith?'  (VIDEO)
@Mediaite @DonLemon Um, obviously.

  1. CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Is Islam A More Violent Religion Than Other Faiths?’ [VIDEO] 
@DailyCaller Don Lemon is a complete moron for asking such a question in light of all the recent evidence confirming that very point.

  1. CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Is Islam A More Violent Religion Than Other Faiths?’ [VIDEO] 
@DailyCaller Sure looks that way. Firm grasp of the obvious, Don.

Regardless of justification or rationalization, Lemon's segment was indicative of the diminution of electronic media and a testimony to self-serving money grabbing (from Lemon and CNN).  

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