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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fox News Doocy And A Week Of Hell

We all know Fox News has values, mission and goals from the network's owner right through its most zany and dim-witted host. There is no Fox News host who exceeds Steve Doocy as a prime example of a personality who should have stuck with working as a weather broadcaster in Washington, DC. While Doocy managed to advance his on-air appearances to the lofty and high compensation Fox News, he often appears as, frankly, a goof-ball. While perfectly placed on Fox and Friends and an obvious darling for those who view the show, Doocy fits the mold of that person you try hard to avoid. Have you ever been a frequent guest among a large group of friends in which a Doocy personality always attended each engagement. He is the guy who walks around with a few too many under his belt, drink or beer in hand, a slightly disheveled tie (or a sweater with catsup drips visible from neck to belly button, and the fool is not aware of the visual). He always seems to find you in the crowd and commences to seek you out for dialog you dread. You look for best the opportunity to break the interaction, while knowing he will find you again for yet another round of "oral diarrhea for his chronic case of constipation of the brain."   

Yet, Doocy serves Fox News well.   

He is not having a good week on-camera week by any means. First, he took part in callous and insensitive comments related to the recently released Ray Rice assault of his former girl-friend.

Klimeade was forced to do this within 24 hours.  Watch at the 37 second mark. You may have noticed an attempt at a higher level of professionalism, legs far below the level of "in your face" and an attempt at news delivery seriousness. You also may have noticed the comments from the crass Kilmeade were far from any requisite apology. Of course, we did not expect such from Fox News.  

If Fox did not apologize for this: "white Santa; white Jesus," while responding with lies and bravado like this: "....powerful Fox News," a joke about physical abuse against a woman.

Again today, Fox News booked a guest (a Republican) who did not follow the script and who threw Doocy a major surprise. His nonverbal reaction (3:53 mark) was akin to a mental dunce when told he had misspelled his last name. 

It should be noted the segment may have worked in securing book purchases for what Congressman Rogers calls Benghazi experts. Hasn't the right via the Lara Logan's 60 Minutes Benghazi story taught a lesson about some who write books. The keyboarding, transcription and penning a book means nothing beyond the authors opinion, comment or recanting.  

Whether the book is from a writer on the Left, Right or Independent, it is the work of the author and will only offer the authors point of view. Thus Fox News, despite the misstep, delivered the anti-Administration message from network managers and producers. 

We must recognize if the US economy was falling shy of steady improvement and unemployment was high, Benghazi would be sitting with The Select Special Committee as a weapon against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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