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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fox News Host Apologizes For Crass and Sexist Remark

PHOTO:Mariam Al Mansouri, the first Emirati female fighter jet pilot, gives the thumbs up as she sits in the cockpit of an aircraft in United Arab Emirates June 13, 2013.
Major Mariam al-Mansouri, 35, one of four UAE fighter pilots to take part in early bombing the operation against ISIL.

"Boobs on the ground!"

And the ever-present perfunctory apology.
Post by Media Matters for America.
Apology not accepted. 

This is what happens when a network has a policy of No PANTS on women on the set. Now, why would such a policy manifest? The policy exist to facilitate Ailes practice of stacking his broadcast sets with host willing to go leggy and at times (despite my Alpha Male embodiment) are way too revealing. But, there is a price to pay for Fox News Libido enticement: no news and derangement soup! Of course, the crass The Five cohost would-play up to his management team. What is the worth of an apology after garnering the desired libido charge humor from the networks male 35 - 65 years WAR on Women! 

If you take a moment to view the hypocrisy of the Host's demeaning humor against the UAE major, my point should be clear. Why wouldn't he feel his disgusting humor was out-or-line.

In this is classic Listen to the setup and watch her perform....

Of course. the host issued a weak false apology. He didn't even address the very object of his crass humor. But, the matter goes far deeper than a crass remark made in the safe havens of Fox News. I posted a piece a couple of days back, with considerations that shouldn't be overlooked. 

Fox News is singularly about raking in revenue via entertaining a conservative audience. The network has a secondary mission in support of all things conservative. Its owner and network managers will spare no stretch of credibility to deliver propaganda for the GOP and all stakeholders (eg. Uber wealthy conservatives, and hard core far-right tin hatters). While performing for its audience and stakeholders, the network like any business has to gave the customer what the customer wants. The Fox News audience has a basic and select list of demands from its broadcast entertainment provider: anti-Obama derangement, clear anti-minority production, an abundance of legs and thighs (AKA ass candy) and a bloviating elitist during prime-time. 

Therefore the network operates to a simple mission and goals for a willing and loyal audience. Yet, fulfillment of the mission and goals requires promulgation and re-enforcement of ideology that nurtures social divisiveness along racial lines. Moreover, the network consistently relegates women to non-thinking exhibitions (the leggy women of Fox News) and objects of ridicule (any woman outside the far right bubble of Fox News). In a recent segment, Bob Beckel, a liberal member of The Five panel, spoke frankly in response to comments from one of Fox News most willing leg show models.

Women like the First Lady and Major Mariam al-Mansouri are examples of "objects of ridicule." Woman like Michelle Obama and Marian al-Mansouri are the antithesis of the conservatives paradigm 1940s woman. And, what does Fox and other conservative media feed their throngs of Solyent Green viewers?
Michelle Obama has a big rear-end without regarding for the woman as an example of international womanhood circa 2000 and beyond. Major al-Mansouri becomes a woman's breast reference as an item of entertainment.
If we follow the treatment of the women delineated above, how can anyone dispute conservative America's "War on Women?" Let's augment our point with another consideration. The hyperlinks above and the TPI piece that followed (linked in fold font) shows how the Fox News model operates with a job description for women that hasn't advanced beyond women as sex objects.


While the images above may provide carnal excitement for Fox News's viewers, look to the top of this piece for an image of what I suspect progressives seek as a reality for women.

The Five host need not apologize because the words are false representation of the real person. His are also false representation of how Fox News management views women. If Roger Ailes has a policy of no pants for women on the set, what message does that offer to young women seeking to carve out a niche in life.

The women of Fox News are for the most part not mindless bimbos like Sarah Palin.

But, the majority of Fox News women avail themselves as highly paid revenue cash cows. 

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