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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

George Will's Validated As A Koch Stooge!

George Will
The hired demagogue has ethics issues

Anyone who follows politics knows Right and Left wing punditry and paid obiter dictum is big business. The talent for drawing an audience or Pied Pipering readers (or listeners) is a lucrative gift. A gift that harbors danger for those who are not intellectually inclined to question nor enact deep thinking. As I consider that last statement, a gift most dangerous for the 50% of US voters who vote from conservative their socially nourished and regressive paradigm. Unfortunately, the social and political Right has a dominate share of opinion mongers and a equally dominate position of social and mind-altering influence over segments of the nation.

We all know of the more zany and over-the-top Right wing talking-heads: Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingraham. If you are one who skips church (if church service is an inclination) to view Sunday morning news shows, you are familiar with the McCain, Graham, Krauthammer, Kristol, and Noonan. Yet, there is another conservative demagogue who stands as a deliverer of sophism and conservative dogma without equal. Along with his recent employment at Fox News, George Will has elevated his rhetoric to that caliber common to talking-heads on Murdoch's flagship network.

Media Matters has again scored a major exposition related to Will's pandering with far-right conservative Americans for Prosperity and its money-brokers: Charles and David Koch. The Media Matters piece is partially embed and linked below. But, as I often compliment embed screeds with a bit of historical flavor, I will follow my model with George Will.
Will on President Obama and Atty. General Holder as "Race Baiters."
While no surprise for those of us who follow and know right-wing demagoguery, George Will's nascent appearance at a Koch brothers sponsored event is validation of the fallacy of his punditry. His appearance also speaks volumes about his marketability as a purveyor of anti-progressive, anti-Obama Derangement and mind-shaping, or reinforcing far-right dogma.

Washington Post columnist George Will deepened his ethically challenged connections to big-money conservative groups by participating in an Americans for Prosperity summit where prominent Republican presidential hopefuls made their pitch to major donors. 
Will's attendance at the Koch-backed group's annual convention comes after he spent months promoting Koch-backed candidates for public offices and advancing Koch-backed policy issues in his syndicated column. 
On August 31, Politico reported that Will was part of an "exclusive group of major donors and VIPs" who "dined privately" at AFP's eighth annual Defending the American Dream summit. According toPolitico, the summit "has become an increasingly important stop for aspiring GOP presidential candidates." In previous years, Will has also spoken at the summit and been given AFP's highest honor, the George Washington Award. 
Will's cozy relationship with AFP has not been disclosed in any of his recent columns promoting key Republican candidates for Congress or governorships, who have benefited from AFP's ad spending. Using his platform at The Washington Post, Will has promoted Michigan Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, suggesting that she is "the GOP's best answer to the so-called war on women" and contrasting her with Sandra Fluke, whom he smeared as "a professional victim and virtuoso whiner." Will argued that by electing Land, Michigan voters would be able "to show what they think of 'war on women' hysterics as a substitute for thought." Like Will, AFP supports Land and, as Will noted, has already spent $5 million on her behalf. Will did not note his connections to the group. 
Will has similarly promoted North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis' candidacy for the Senate, parroting his anti-Obamacare campaign advertisements in a May 30 column. Will defended Tillis against charges that he is an "establishment" moderate by praising his conservative credentials: "Tillis has been an enthusiastic enactor and implementer of the conservatism that North Carolinians voted for." Will noted that AFP has spent $8 million on advertising attacking Tillis' opponent, Democrat Kay Hagan. Charles Koch and his family have also maxed out their contributions to Tillis, and he received a $5,000 donation from the Koch Industries PAC. 
Will has profiled Republican Bruce Rauner, who is running to be governor of Illinois, framing the election as a choice between Rauner's push for term limits and his "vows to change the state's fundamental affliction --its political culture" and "the acceleration of stagnation" under the Democratic incumbent, Pat Quinn. AFP has spent at least $120,000 attacking Quinn.
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