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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hannity And Duck Dynasty's Robertson.....Utter Insanity!

OK, so you think Fox News is real news. You might even think the network is a counter-balance against MSNBC.  And, you just might be one of those folk who actually subscribe to Hannity's utter insanity and derangement. After watching the following Twitter segment, you might have greater insight into Fox News's management decision via supplanting the 9PM slot with Megyn Kelly (white Santa; white Jesus). 

Hannity allows Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to read scripture Bible to his viewers. An act that I cannot recall broadcast via any cable nor network news network. In one clear swoop, Robertson holds and brandishes the Bible while stating: "...kill strategy."
King James Version

Thou shalt not kill.

Hannity's segment is classic 360 degree self-fulling prophecy with a major infusion of idiocy.  

A Venn that illustrates the essence of Fox News. What level of serious punditry did Hannity' managers hope to secure beyond tickling viewers who find Robertson relevant and entertaining.

A little Icing for the cake, if you wish a bit more. Cenk Uygur.....

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