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Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Twitter Tree: McCain, ISIS, GOP Kochs

Let's start this brief Twitter Tree with a reminder of just how much President has accomplished since his inauguration in 2009. After Milt Shook's 253 Obama Accomplishments, we will move to Tree branches occupied by the GOP.
A brief stop on unionism and the Middle class. wake-up GOP voters many of you are middle class also.
Mother Jones 
Bang for Buck gif

Yet,  your GOP will not only extend unemployment benefits, they will also not raise the Minimum Wage.  

On the matter of Minimum Wage.  Take a close look at states that are safely in the fold of GOP southern strategy. Denizens of those states delver votes for the GOP with every election. Talk about a people who are socially deprived......Crisis is born of Ignorance, not knowledge.  
A bit of McCain and his complete insanity. people of a/rizona really continue to elect this fool!

Jon Fulton's photo.

Here is a nice pic of John McCains isis buddy Abu Bakr Baghdadi

Jon Fulton's photo. 

Conservatism 101 
Did O'Reilly and Hannity deny White Privilege?  Oh, they only spoke of the US and Fox News.
And, there are people who actually believe corporations on all cases are all about "the good." And, then there are uber wealthy corporatist who exclaim, "corporations are people my friend." But, of course...and Labor worked to force decency from people who owned and ran the corporations. 

146 people that need to be remembered. -Brandon Weber

On the Labor Day 2014 be aware of those who bring you the Trojan Horse.  It is filled with Koch like oligarchs, economic malaise, reduced investment earnings and WAR (unfettered war).

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