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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

McCain, Fox News, ISIS And The Big Lie

Can you imagine this man as President of the United States?

In today's Senate hearing, McCain leveled a series of condescending questions to General Dempsey. 

McCain's wanton lust for all out war, is utterly shameful. As a US Senator, McCain has a long history of poor judgment, literal wrong doing as a US Senator, and erratic decision-making. 

How about this guy as his Secretary of Defense?

In 2013 McCain pulled what at the time seemed like a treasonous acot. His meetings with the so-called "Free Syrian Army" and its then Gen. Salim Idris, also included active (and visual) conservation with the now current leader of ISIS: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Baghdadi  Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 
Free Syrian Army, Gen. Salim Idris, the fellow in the striped shirt there (Idris was ousted in February of this year).


Now, let's take a Fox News look at ISIS and the business of Right-wing propaganda.

Fox News Lies: ISIS Leader Released By George W. Bush!

And, to sum it all up.  Take a look at Fox News feeds for its viewers. Do you believe one Fox viewer noticed the incompetent production graphics.

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