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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Medicare A Budget Buster?

You might want to take a quick of the excerpt paragraph below. After reading the paragraph your interest in Medicare and its relationship to impact from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other related factors.should sit at the level of "piqued."

Now, take a few minutes to preview the graphic I have screenshot below. Medicare is not a budget buster and only your level of educate on the topic can help to ward-off GOP attacks.

You’re looking at the biggest story involving the federal budget and a crucial one for the future of the American economy. Every year for the last six years in a row, the Congressional Budget Office has reduced its estimate for how much the federal government will need to spend on Medicare in coming years. The latest reduction came in a report from the budget office on Wednesday morning.
The changes are big......
The New York Times is very careful to avoid over attribution of the projects to the ACA. I posit much more universally. what changed the health care cost and potential Medicare cost savings so drastically (after 2010). The GOP by paradigm, policy and practice is anti-employee contributory benefits. Despite the fact we pay throughout or working lives it Social Security and Medicare, we have a political party that would without hesitation reduce benefits and turn the programs over to the private sector. You and I both know what private sector administration of either program would mean.

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