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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Palin Brawl? Imagine Such At The Naval Observatory?

Class real class! Image unrelated to Saturday Night fight.

Until someone comes forth with a cell phone video, we must settle for a likeness of the Great Northern brawl. Jerry Springer archives are filled with surrogate segments. We like this one: linked.

CNN ran a brief segment related to the scrum. The gray-haired man in the segment was reported to have been terminated from his job for speaking about the Palin's drunken skirmish.

CNN linked

The Thursday after the Palin (Jerry Springer like brawl) the half-term Governor of Alaska was on Hannity's show issuing a "global apology." No, the apology was not related to the teenage like house brawls or staged Jerry Springer Show brawls she actually commented that John McCain should be president.  

Here is the clip snippet....

Palin apologized to the world for contributing to McCain's loss and she seemed to have received a great deal of direction from off camera prompters and handlers. 

Forty seconds of Palin outside the slick, scripting, coaching, direction and handling of Fox News

The YouTube poster gave Palin the benefit of severe inebriation. My take.....typical staccato incoherent, and incompetent communication for Palin sycophants. I don't believe she was "drunk."
I digress. The Hannity Show apology was absolute carnival fare. Imagine Palin's drunken skirmish in the White House with the vice president of the United States involved in a drunken house brawl?  

While Palin's family brawl was the subject of the September 12, 2014 The Daily GOP Ignominious, I am thinking you might like a Talking Points Memo (investigation) piece regarding the family exhibition. Speaking of exhibition, wonder if Palin will devote a segment of her cable show to the brawl?  Of course, we must wait until next season to find out.



Palin Clan Fight Club: The TPM Investigation

AP Photo / Ron Sachs

"good neighbors."  
As is commonly the case...until the Palin's arrive.

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