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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Killer Cops.. and US Apartheid

While he may not have succeeded in killing his unarmed black prey, like the Ferguson Cop, or George Zimmerman, he will surely garner major donations to his bounty fund.

Watch the latest rendition of "Cop Car DashCam" resonates. The "honored" cop pulls a black driver over for what is being reported as a "seat-belt" violation, and check out the lack of value placed on life. Correction, the lack of value on the life of the black male, by storm-troopers who we via taxes all pay.

If you did not following the captions embed in the video, here is a transcript from WLTX 19 (On Your Side).
In the video, Jones can be seen getting out of his car when Groubert pulled up and asked for his license. Jones can be seen reaching into his car for his license, and as he does, Groubert begins yelling at Jones and fires several shots.

Jones was hit by one bullet in the hip. He is recovering at home after being hospitalized for the injury.

While shooting at Jones, Groubert can be heard yelling, "Get out of the car, get out of the car."

Jones replied,"I just got my license, you said get my license."

Groubert responded by telling Jones to get on the ground.

While on the ground Jones said, "I have my license right here, you said get my license."

In the video Groubert can be heard asking Jones if he was hit by a bullet and went on to say, "Bro, you dove head first back into your car."

Local news cast....

Did you also notice the car in front of the assaulted driver (Dark SUV) appears to have a driver pumping gasoline? I will not hesitate to posit, this cop would never have fired his weapon if the driver was pulled-over in a community with home valued in the half million o the million dollar range. Even, if the driver was a handyman at the plush home and was head either to work or home from work. No shots would have been fired in such a community. The seat belt
criminal was shot by the very cop his taxes provide a paycheck. 

A few words about "privilege", the unexceptional state of our nation, and flat-out racism all mixed in a stew that at times appears comparable to Apartheid. 

If you are not now receptive to the calls for justice from a people who have been persecuted and oppressed since capture in Western Africa, I invite you to read no farther. White citizens simply do not suffered the same oppression as clear identified int he Dash-Cam video. The fear in the driver's face,while not HD quality, is clear and his effort to comply with the police officer were met with the catalyst of his fear. He was pulled over by a cop who is reported to have been given honors awards int he recent past. He is a southern black male who via his very existence knows the cautions of interacting with white people. Moreover, he without doubt knows the danger of any interaction with a Cop; especially in the second most conservative state in the Union.

The unexceptional state of our nation!  
Do you believe this would have taken place with a white woman waling along nay US highway. Also, note you should take no solace in the region of the country in which you live. This very clear case of oppression and racism took place in the alleged liberal domain of California. As you watch the video, recall if it were not for video, these Pigs would have free reign to plant knives, pistols, or simply claim "They tried to grab my gun."

 Huffington Post

Video and Cops?

  1. Rodney King
    Construction worker

    Rodney Glen King III was an American construction worker who became nationally known after being beaten by Los Angeles police officers following a high-speed car chase on March 3, 1991. Wikipedia
Image result for rodney king beating

Rodney King Beating (Full Version) - YouTube

  1.  Before and after.....
    Robert Davis 60 plus years of age. New Orleans:

    Eric Garner, choked like an animal while pleading for a breathe of air: 
Family members of Joe Crawford III, a man fatally shot by police at a southwestern Ohio Wal-Mart, believe store video will provide answers about what happened that day and vindicate him.John Crawford, shot by cops after playing video games and talking on a cell phone. His last words:, "Its not real."  He was holding a pellet rifle. The video also proves the white man who called the cope with comment of Crawford pointing the rifle at people (and kids) was lying. Crawford was shot without warning from cops who had guns drawn:
Kenneth Harding
On June 16, 2011, San Francisco police gunned down and executed Kenneth Harding in a public execution that was caught live on videotape.  Police claim that he skipped out on paying his subway train fare and that he shot at them first.  However, he had no gun and was shot in the back.  The police are currently involved in a cover-up in which they are claiming that Kenneth Harding murdered himself.\
Murder-styled Execution of Kenneth Harding

When you join in speaking out, it will stop. When you sit back comfortable feeling it only happens the "them," you enable.

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