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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: "The Black Guy Did It!" (Conservative Media Darling: Common Criminal)

Young, Black Men Wear 'Suits and Ties' in Video to Say They're Not 'Thugs,' But Why Should They Have To?
"The black guys did it!"

Before I modified my day-time news viewing from a dedicated viewer of MSNBC, I sought an opportunity to locate real news segments while moving away from MSNBC's non-stop opinion broadcasting. The networks blanket morning conservative news shows have long been persona-non-grata for the stated reason: "conservative."

The very word is mind-boggling and skin curdling, especially with consideration of conservative politics influence on our nation. Before, you release that spasm, accomplish a bit of research on conservative vs progressive economic performance over the past 60 years. After the quick review think about income disparity handed to the lower and middle income strata via Reaganomics. I digress.

While moving decisively away from viewing MSNBC's The Cycle and well before I learned to augment my news viewing with Al Jazeera America, I found myself peeping in on CNN.  Peeping that while unpleasant did, in fact, offer a modicum of actual news snippets. Of course, I am speaking of CNN after the 24/7 carnival coverage of the MH370. The network's over-the-top coverage was so overwhelming and ridiculous network managers and producers delivered a "rationale.... this is why we do it" segment via its Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter. Stelter's segment included mention of his wife's angst when he remoted away from CNN's lost aircraft coverage as well as polling data of viewer interest in the missing aircraft.  The segment, however, did not address the level of zaniness and silliness ("alien abduction?") from a Don Lemon segment.

My behavior modification away from MSNBC's morning and early afternoon shows, led to viewing CNN Newsroom. The news viewing modification took place just before the prisoner swap for Army Sgt Bowe Berghdal and yes, CNN coverage of the release was more extensive than other networks.

A early episode of CNN indigestion took place during a segment in which Brooke Baldwin, offered commentary and posed questions to a fairly news CNN face.

Self proclaimed conservative also find his way to Fox News
Chris Heben a former Navy Seal had become the new face of the CNN staple of talking heads.  The first sight of the new face was a bit of a turn-off, but I couldn't place a finger or nail the reason for my consternation. It took less than two minutes of the Baldwin (Bergdahl) interview to gather perspective on the Ex-Navy Seal.   

As I watched the segment of Bergdahl's historic release and all associated video dynamics an intriguing revelation took place. Baldwin noticed that Bergadhl was busily rubbing and blinking his eyes. She asked the supposed alleged "expert" why the blinking and rubbing. What followed was a credibility killer comparable to the GOP denying voter suppression or Fox News claims of "fair and balanced" reporting. Later in the interview the host queried the high testosterone machismo laden former Navy Seal about rescuer pat-down of the just release prisoner. As you watch the segment try to determine what exactly has me now running from Chris Heben as if avoiding the plague and Fox News.

In response to rubbing the eyes, Heben showed the extent of his biased punditry as well as a failure to perform cognitive reasoning beyond his conservative paradigm bias. Let's explore two salient points from the last sentence: "failure to perform cognitive reasoning" and "bias."  If we think about the one act performed by someone perpetrating a (kidnapping or abduction) transport from a secret location and all involved in disguising one's place of sanctity, what comes to mind? Heben took off on a political lam-blast of "what Bergdahl suspected was to come" without even stopping for a second to contemplate the man had been blindfold for purpose of security and the blindfold was removed before cameras were turned to record. Have you ever been blinded by instant and immediate sunlight after a long period of darkness? Any real military mind or anyone who watches a bunch of television should have been able to better diagnose Bergdhal's rubbing and blinking. Why couldn't the machismo dripping Heben think along those lines? Why didn't Baldwin or the other guest challenge the ridiculous answer from Heben?

Another area of serious character revelation was his response to the question of the pat-down. Instead of intelligently speaking about security for the rescuers and the prisoner, Chris "Mashimo" Heben, went to "I would have thrown his butt on the ground." Really? He would enact such behavior for the world to see an American rescue team throwing an American captive to the ground like a deranged animal.

To this day, I have never watched another minute of false bravado from CNN's Ex Navy Seal expert.  Let's move forward to the point I want to make about Heben. The Washington Times
Mr. Heben, who has served in Iraq, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan, told police that he was shot in the stomach March 28 by the driver of a car who backed into him. The car contained three black man who allegedly shouted profanities at him and fled. Mr. Heben, 44, told police that he plugged the hole in his abdomen and chased the suspects in his vehicle. Then, realizing he was gushing blood, he said he drove himself to a police station to seek treatment, the ABC affiliate reported.
The New York Daily News
A tough former Navy SEAL who was shot during a confrontation with a carload of thugs in an Ohio parking lot jumped into his truck to chase after them before seeking medical attention to remove the round.
 The Daily Kos
Heben's "recollection" of the event:
The driver, who is black, Heben said, told him, “You got a big mouth white boy. You need to learn some [expletive] respect.” 
Heben said he then told the driver: “Look dude, in my world, you have to earn respect” and offered to “help him out right now.” 
When the driver turned to a passenger in the front seat, Heben said, his SEAL instincts told him to “blade” and turn so the front of his body was not exposed. 
In an instance, he was bent over in pain.

Now, why am I not surprised about the latest news regarding the reported self-proclaimed "conservative" and machismo laden Heben.
                                      PLUGGED IT WITH HIS FINGER!                                                                            Oozing conservative machismo

Talking  Points Memo Via Liberaland

Detectives in Ohio say there is "overwhelming evidence" to prove a former Navy SEAL lied when he claimed he was shot during an altercation with three black men outside of a shopping center. 44-year-old Chris Heben of Medina, has been charged with misdemeanor counts of falsification and obstructing official business, according to ABC. "We have overwhelming…

Police: Former Navy SEAL Lied About Getting Shot By Three Black Men
The usual suspects lie has grown to the point of an expectation. Now only did the false bravado conservative "expert" lie about details related to the stomach wound, he follow others whites in "The black guy did it."  

As stated above, my askance, consternation and disdain for Heben's intellectual capacity and his appearing out of touch with reality has been longstanding.  And, my contempt for all things conservative (as declared by Heben) has been reinforced. Yet, the tragic state of mind that goes to the "black guy did it" should be explored and duly noted with deep deep caution.

We have far too frequent reports of cops brutalizing and abusing black people (young men, teens, women and children).  Let's take Heben's malfeasance to a level of critical scrutiny. What if Heben had followed the most common usual suspects modus operandi and declared "the thugs went that-a-way?" Can you imagine the number and scope of harassment that would have been reaped upon any group of young black men in a car within a 100 mile radius?

Heben perpetuated racism that is common to far too many conservatives and common to people who wish to deflect their crimes off on others. The ultimate of failure to accept responsibility! A trait that spreads far and wide among people who consider and recall themselves "conservative." If you feel that last point was a bit overdone and drastic, consider the level of responsibly the GOP has accepted for wrecking the US economy and the of associated obstruction in improving the economy.

One should wonder if Heben's contract with CNN and Fox News will contract (un)abetted by his overt racism and criminal act.

"The black guys did it!"


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