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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: 'Latte Salute'

Obama Derangement is as ugly as it gets and shows America as very much a non-exceptional nation.

Midweek Ignominious: "Latte Salute." 

The following is an example of fishing for Walleye Bass in a tadpole pool!

President Obama's salute was incredibly disrespectful to the Marines. No way to justify that one.

The White House posted a video to its Instagram account. Press organizations such as ABC News reported it has been dubbed the "Latte Salute" and "Semper Latte" by the Washington Times.

USA Today via @usatoday

CNN added a perspective on the president's salute. I knew when I watch the following segment conservative writers and probably most conservative media would not appreciate CNN's report.  

If you want to read how conservative blog dealt with the salute checkout HotAir. While not clearly stated, a HotAir piece would leave the impression President Obama, violated constitutional law. The practice of saluting honor guards upon entry and exit of Air Force One (757 air White House and any transport helicopter) was born of Ronald Reagan, I have read reports Eisenhower the ultimate warror, would never do such a thing. NewsMax reported on the president's Air Force One exit as such. The Newsmax piece does not include the now popular retort photo of Bush exiting the same Air Force one helicopter holding his dog "Scotty." 

In fairness, NewsMax reported on the USA Today salute in a later piece, but the Bush salute piece was masked in criticism of "liberal" reporting. 

NewsMax and other conservative sites are quick to separate the two images. Of course, Obama's styro-foam cup (Lattee or Tea) cannot compare with Bush's Scotty. Let's face it Obama is Obama and Bush is Bush. The 44th President is not afforded the same level of latitude given to the nation's 43rd President. I continue to wonder why?

The Obama Derangement flavor of the day is "disrespect for the military." There is nothing more fitting than a reminder of Obama accomplishments on behalf of the troops and veterans compared to Congressional nonsupport for any legislation to benefit or troops?

Defense News January 2014
Military Times February 2014

I offset GOP indifference to our troops and our Vets ( like me), with a couple of links that show Obama support for US troops and Vets is a far cry from "disrespectful."

White House Dot Gov
VETERANS & MILITARY FAMILIES Joining Forces (US Troops, Veterans and their families)

The over-the-tip silliness is nothing more than the latest manifestation of Obama Derangement.

Mental derangement is an ugly psychological state of mind.  The state of mind grows progressively worse if or when fed by social dogma that is without question based in race and contempt for all things progressive.

If we factor-in the utility of nurtured derangement for political purposes we find clear opportunity to sway elections for decades.  If you do not see GOP strategy intermingled with contempt for Barack Obama, the person, you have again sat and read a piece that probably has you fuming in derangement.

If you are one who will spend the later part of the week joining Obama derangement based on the Styro-foam salute, you are an enabling of a diminished society.  I also suspect you are not offended by the remarks about The nation's First Lady as "that thing in red."

As Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former United States National Security Advisor, once told Joe Scarborough, " are stunningly superficial", Scarbough's fellow conservative and his party are complete imbued with shallowness. While shallowness is endemic to the GOP and conservatism, derangement is a for more serious.

The Right opens-up the US First Lady as an object of attack.  History does not include other such attacks on the FLOTUS...wonder why? What next...the Obama children?

"...that thing in red."


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