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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Marsha Blackburn.....The President Seems Needs To Be More Aggressive?

Ms. Banfield,  what you have on camera is a professional GOP mouthpiece with little to no interest in answering your questions.
Have you ever seen what is commonly referred to as a Motor-mouth? Have you ever seen a person who thrives the TV camera, but avoids answering questions when posed by the very host and production team who provides the camera opportunity?

One other question before the ultimate example of GOP dogma with no logical basis. Why avoid open messaging instead of sly prodding possibly for political gain? 

Late last week, Tennesse's Marsha Blackburn (R) posted a press release on her website after voting to fund President Obama's request for support against ISIL. I have captured a couple of passages that seems to indicate a desire for US troop insertion in Iraq and Syria.
Press Release                                Blackburn Votes to Take Action in Fight Against ISIL
Says Obama must be more aggressive and forthright about plan to combat terrorism

Washington, Sep 17 | Mike Reynard
“While I support this amendment as a first step in our efforts to fight back against Islamic terrorists, it is my hope that we will re-center our focus and commit to annihilating ISIL from the face of the earth. President Obama must be more aggressive and more forthright when it comes to his strategy for destroying these terrorist thugs.

If Republicans so long for troops on the ground against ISIL, why the reticence to speak frankly? John McCain and Lindsey Graham openly speak about more support for the so called Free Syrian Army.  Why do they draw-up shy of open comment in support ogf massive US troop deployment in Iraq?

If President Obama is guilty of any offense regarding US troops in the Middle East, he is guilty of seeking peace and relieving the horror of wars perpetrated by Republican subterfuge and White House malfeasance. Obama exercised his elected right to lead the nation diametrically opposite McCain's thought and comment of troops in Afghanistan for 100 years. Since we are addressing the GOP's top war monger it is worthwhile to note he has recently attacked Obama's removal of troops for Iraq with the sad rationalization of US troops reaming in Germany and Japan post World War II. 

The GOP view of American as a victor nation that maintains standing armies in conquered lands is pathetic.  They would fund those armies at great and unnecessary expense to US budgets and our tax dollars. 

It sees beyond McCain and Graham, the most mouthy in the GOP prefer sniping at the president. Sniping in the classic form. Watch Blackburn perform her patented interview avoidance laced with sophism after sophism and appearing like a rambling Sarah Palin. Blackburn is noted for Gish Galloping her way through interviews. She literally bundled Banfield's question like a cocoon, set it aside and went about spewing disjointed talking-point after talking-point. 

One more item before the video. Have you ever read or heard of a military leader in a war zone or a high rankling general who open stated withdrawal after cessation a war? The very thought is an oxymoron.

The five minute plus interview included four and a half minutes cognitive constipation with subsequent verbal diarrhea.


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