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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Twitter Tree; Low Hanging Fruit, Halliburton, Duck Dynasty, Fox News

OK, OK we start this tree with low hanging fruit.  

Never is there risk in including a posting regarding on of Americas recent great tragedies. A tragedy that befell the nation in 2008 and level against us all by Republican politics and its disregard for the good of the nation.  Sarah Palin as our 2008 tragedy was (is) bitter fruit, but nonetheless low hanging:  

The really sad consideration of the meme is Palin's use of the word "meant."  Are you comfortable with Palin interpreting the intent of the crafters of the US Constitution?  

Since, we explored low-hanging fruit, let's take a look at another set of John McCainisms.  Can this man do anything right?  From graduation at fifth from the bottom of his Annapolis class, through disobeying orders and landing in the Hanoi Hilton, right through the Keating Five Scandal and many years later the prospect of Sarah Palin in the White House? When will the people of Arizona grow weary of the aging relic? 

While US media will not make the connection, social media is reminding of McCain's secret journey to Syria of hobnob with the current murderous leaders of ISIS.
This branches of our Twitter Tree also reach into the fallacy of Fox News, the unfathomable psyche of Sean Hannity's audience, and the continuing scam of the Bayou Bigotry" Phil Robertson. Regardless of your fondness for mindless entertainment like Duck Dynasty and your choice to ignore the politics of the shows entertainers, you have to question the temerity of Hannity and his producers. Their reach for the ultimate insult to the intellect of anyone with an IQ above 80, is truly astounding. Astounding while validation Fox News's mission in reaching for what the right perceives as popular to entertain its viewers.
Speaking of Fox News!!! And those of you who cannot stomach Arabs!
Know your GOP Vets! Know your GOP active duty soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines!!!!!
Over ripe fruit with a very bitter taste.
After destroying or eliminating evidence from the Gulf Oil spill and years of legal battles, Halliburton settled on a $1.1 billion dollar settlement. During a recent broadcast on CNN, I heard Halliburton's stock is up 112% since the Gulf drilling rig explosion. The explosion resulted in the death of 11 platform workers and utter destruction of major parts of the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, tar balls continue to wash shore in the US Gulf and on Florida's coastlines. 

Tar Balls I
Tar Balls II
Tar Balls III (Flesh eating components?) 

Much like the legacy of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, former CEO Halliburton, will the scourge of Halliburton ever wear away from the United States? From "no bid" war contracts under Bush/Cheney to destruction of one of the world's most beautiful and prolific ecosystems, America's Halliburton proves corporations are not people and corporations need for greater regulation and monitoring.

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