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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Fox News Egg Hunt With Tin Hats For All Who Dare

Let's start our Fox News "egg hunt" with a clear a case of utter disrespect for a viewing audience as nay in 2014. A California Republican congressman, Duncan Hunter sat for an interview with Fox New's Greta Van Sustren and fired -off the largest "tin hat" flatulence you could imagine.

The network's manipulation of its huge audience speaks volumes about the American public. While we poke fun at the network of the gullible and influence-able among us, know that the network serves to sway votes. Votes that when tallied will lay waste to they nation's economic well being and social stability.

Fox News and its most cognitive deprived host. Steve Doocy should gave stuck with the weather cast gig many years ago. 

How about uncovering a few more "rotten" Fox News eggs sprinkled across the full scope of of its broadcast programming.  

Holding back on Ebola treatment!

Fox News ignites and flames Ebola "Tin Hat" scare and throws in a sprinkle of racism.

What sorts of people patronize Fox News?  How can a sane person find entertainment in this.....?

Fox goes visibly angry when guest will not fulfill thew host's mission of feeding the audience "tin hat" garbage. One of the two segment guests was the same (pay me to say anything) dweeb who sat while Megyn Kelly ranted about white Santa and white Jesus. 

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