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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Candy Crowley Delivers For The GOP And RNC Chair

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CNN hosts either fails at moderation or she
accomplished her mission. I suggest the latter!

What you are about to see and hear is the perfect example of my contempt for conservative media. 

CNN's Candy Crowley, "State Of The Union" production team invited both party chairs to appear on the show. Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) and Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus sat for the interview, and it seems Crowley was determined to allow Priebus to run the show. Any competent and unbiased moderator could have provided the viewers an opportunity to hear valuable pre-election interchanges. Crowley appeared committed to providing no such arena.

As a matter of fact and reality, the opening seconds of the segment are consumed with a GOP campaign advertisement. Now, what stage is set when the moderator and her producers hand the RNC Chair the 'high-ground?" Why set the stage  by placing the DNC Chair at the mercy of Preibus who was obviously to play "Obama policy!" The question is rhetorical and is answered throughout the scope of this screed. Instead of partaking in a true dialog. Crowley's first question was leveled at Priebus; he avoided answering the question and immediately turned the interview into a "ridiculous" circus. Crowley provided ample circus hosting via allowing Priebus to do what conservative do best: hide from the truth.

To open the segment, Crowley asked about mid-term campaigns of 'fear.' The GOP commercial used to start the segment was an irrefutable example of party 'fear' politics and a barometer of how CNN developed and programmed the segment.

Priebus opted for strategy centered around President Obama's recent remarks of "....these policies will be on the ballot this fall." The president spoke of minimum wage increase, economic policy environmental policy and social policy. He also without question considered his remarks inclusive of war policy. Despite GOP efforts to lay sole blame for ISIS on Obama, the president's war policies have proven effective and kept our troops off the front-line. When Obama made the statement he wasn't speaking impromptu; the remarks were written in his speech. The White House survey and polling team have proven since prior to 2008 it is not only competent, it is effective and "point-on." We should assume Obama remarks were inserted based on positive polling regarding the policies he referenced.

Before the CNN segment, allow me to state: "What about Obama's policies so frightens spineless Democrats?"  I find the "Obama hiding" comparable to Allison-Grimes avoiding questions about her vote or non-vote for Obama. I also find the "Obama hiding" comparable to Al Gore avoiding Bill Clinton in 2000, when carrying one more state would have placed Bush in a No-win position. You see where that strategy took the nation.



 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”

Watch: Debate Between Party Chairs Spirals Into Childish Chaos

A CNN "State Of The Union" debate on the midterm elections between Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus and Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) quickly devolved into complete chaos on Sunday.

Host Candy Crowley first asked Priebus if this election is about scaring voters into voting a certain way. And when he responded with a line about President Obama's policies being on the ballot, Crowley asked Wasserman-Schultz if that was true.

As the DNC chair responded, Priebus jumped in to insist that Wasserman-Schultz answer the question about Obama's policies.

After Crowley asked another question, the two chairs quickly started talking over each other again, discussing completely different topics.

"This is ridiculous," Priebus noted.
Video insert.....

Irrefutable data validates Sunday morning news shows are the safe and comfortable domain of conservative white males and the GOP. We continue to express dismay and disdain for the extent to which the Sunday shows play to their viewers. While I understand successful business is based on giving the customer products and services that generate more sales (in this case viewers), I believe news professionals have a greater responsibility. 

The Crowley interview was a classic in its efforts to appeal to demographics as follows. 

Media Matters via Alternet....

White Men Were Overrepresented On Broadcast And CNN. Using the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, white men were hosted at more than double their proportion of the U.S. population on the broadcast shows -- 64 percent on broadcast compared to 31 percent in the population. White men were also overrepresented on CNN at 54 percent. Women of color were significantly underrepresented on broadcast -- only 5 percent of guests were women of color compared to 19 percent in the population. Only MSNBC -- due primarily to Melissa Harris-Perry - hosted its guests closer to their representation in the population. White women were underrepresented on all shows.

And, one graphic from a previous TPI piece.

The data and illustrations are both startling and disgusting. The images clearly show Sunday morning news as that of the GOP and the domain of the white male (conservative).   

Why do CNN and other conservative media avoid questions about voter suppression? Why not ask about the obvious strategy to dissuade the vote of the young woman?  Moreover, why not ask the guests to expound on why each party official feels their party would serve the nation better? Why stage a "dog fight" and sit back without proper interview moderation? Would it so offend conservative viewers to have Crowley intervene with direction for Priebus to stop interrupting. He managed his appearance like an "Alpha Male" ruling over his female debate opponent?

Priebus once again deployed a debate technique popular with the GOP: Interrupt frequently, speak oral contempt for the process ("This is ridiculous") and avoid answering questions while throwing barrages at the opponent. Basically, the strategy helps the GOP avoid questions that would reveal the party for what it is: a non governing entity focused on the proliferation and preservation of life for the nation's Top 1% white males.

CNN? Well, what should we progressives expect from the network?

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