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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CNN Invites Mike "Heckuva Job" Brown to Discuss Ebola!

Former Bush FEMA Director, Mike Brown,  
believes the current head of the CDC step-down.  
Image via Fireshot Screenshot
Don Lemon and his production managers, respond to the call for the CDC director to step-down, but shipping one of the nation's most incompetent disaster managers before the camera is incongruent! I fail to understand the relevance of inviting "Brownie" onto the set beyond ratings. While, I may have missed the point, I did not find any comment in the four plus minute interview that warranted national broadcasting.

CNN has a "Heckuva" way to proliferate its practice of overloading its show guest list with conservatives. "We get that." OK, CNN has an obvious Right lean that is ratings driven and it leans at the expense of fair and balanced reporting. You might think, "Well all networks are ratings driven." Yes, of course, but some cable networks go beyond the quest for viewers with over-the-top broadcasting from political expedience. Fox News is the king of: "politics leveraged" news with clear intent to sway public opinion. CNN and MSNBC follow as distant competitors for the 2nd and 3rd rating positions. While MSNBC has a news deliver model that separates its conservative news shows (morning programming) and its liberal new shows (evening programming), CNN is bodacious in its efforts to attract viewers from Fox, and it seems network executives also with to clone Fox News's quest for GOP governance.

The network seems to latch on to "Flavor of the month" stories and runs the coverage well below ground level. One has to only consider the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 coverage, the later downing of MH17 coverage, and  current Ebola coverage. As a reminder the United States has experienced two cases of Ebola that are directly attributable to two nurses who treated an Ebola patient. Another critical consideration is the Dallas, Texas hospital has apologized for staffing its patent care providers with no formal Ebola treatment training, It should be noted the hospital also was no properly equipped with protection gear for their dedicated employees.  

The hospital's culpability in infecting its employees has been tacitly explored by CNN's Anderson Cooper and a couple of other CNN hosts. Yet, the hospital's management responsibility regarding two ill employees does not seem to provide CNN that gotcha/enticing coverage so many America seek. Hospital management's incompetence does not provide viewer enticement as the "fear" angle that seems to monopolize CNN's broadcast segments.

CNN Brings On ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ To Discuss Right Wing's Latest Version Of 'Obama's Katrina

Who better for CNN to bring on to criticize the Obama administration's response to Ebola than Michael ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ Brown?

I don't know about anyone else, but pretty much the last person I want to hear from when it comes to the government's response to a crisis, real or perceived, is George W. Bush's former FEMA director, Michael Brown. I suspect I'm far from being alone. 

That didn't stop CNN from bringing him on to discuss the right wing's latest version of "this is Obama's Katrina" this Monday evening: Michael ‘Heckuva Job Brownie’ Brown Responds to Ebola/FEMA Comparison: 
Well, Brown was on CNN tonight to talk about the government’s response to Ebola, and Don Lemon had to bring up comparisons between that and how he responded to Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. Lemon told him he “didn’t do a great job during Katrina,” so people might find him criticizing the government now as ironic.  
Brown said, “Better to speak to the systemic problems we have inside the government when we see these kinds of issues arise, Don.” He only briefly addressed Katrina, keeping the focus on government incompetence in general.  
He also said it’s a bad idea for anyone to be “comparing one disaster to another.

It is important to recall the US has suffered two cases of Ebola with each case rooted in the same Ebola infected patient. Another factor is the reminder US commerce contributed to the inadvertent contraction of the disease.

CNN is slipping into the darkness!

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