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Monday, October 27, 2014

CNN's Reliable Sources Criticizes Left Vs Right Ebola Coverage

.....But still fails to perform any degree of introspection

Ebola hysteria and inexcusable misinformation broadcast from the Left and the Right. 

While I find the Reliable Sources segment "point-on", it is important to recognize CNN is far from the former "Balanced/Neutral" network it once claimed and moniker-ed. Past data show the network "neutral" with a Left lean.  After the hire of Fred Zucker (and probably as a result of strategy to garner or grab viewership from conservative viewers) and the release of the majority of Left leaning hosts and pundits, the network now-a-days has a guest list that its predominate conservative.

The network has moved to the right of center. If you spend a little time researching CNN's broadcast guests, you will quickly see the network books far more "conservative" guests.

A prime example of CNN's overt efforts to move moderately more Right of center manifest a recent segment from Ferguson Missouri.  If the carefully chosen conservative commentator wasn't enough to show CNN's concerted efforts to "go right," the next segment will illustrate my point.  When Fox & Friends producers reach for a black guest, rest assured it is with full confidence of the message from the talking head. (NOTE: If you wonder why not refer to the Fox News talking head as African-American, close scrutiny and attention to detail will yield, black people who cuddle with conservatives have total disdain from the African-American label. For sake of clarity, the black conservative strives to 'differentiate" from the African-American community in every way. Is is their paradigm to differentiate.)

Before making a final point-on the video that follow I remind of the power of the news producer.  The new producer has full authority and responsibility for his/her broadcast, the on-air personality, for the most, part delivers the message with all beauty and a plume. Have you ever noticed the on-air celebrity pausing and sitting quietly while taking instruction from the booth? The booking of Kevin Jackson for commentary on the summary execution of Mike Brown in Ferguson was a matter of corporate/network decision to provide a slant that appeals to conservatives. Is there any other way to view the hire and deployment of Jackson? If you have any remaining doubts about Jackson as a supreme "Differentiator", Google Kevin Jackson on Obama and Bush. Or, you can short -cut the Google search and read excerpts from a piece I published in June 2012.

The Lost Black Man Part II: The Insanity Report (March 2010) 

Or try this one....

Kevin Jackson: ‘America Needs A White Republican President

CNN management knows Kevin Jackson and chooses to employ the "differentiator" for coverage of a murdered black teen.

Point made!. Now, for Brian Stelter's "Red News - Blue News" segment.

The segment was "point-on." However, I continue to question CNN's Reliable Sources model of criticizing news from the Right vs news from the Left while clearly staking-out ground on the political right.  The network has not yet gone Fox News socially right (anti-minority anti-woman anti-LGBT), but it damned well is no longer in a position to avoid staking a color (Red Vs Blue) that shades to the moderate Right.

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