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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

COP Reports Ferguson Protester To Tweeting Protester's Employer Riles Anonymous

Yes it is true, a member of a St. Louis Area police department called the employer of a St. Louis protester with full intent to practice fascists behavior change related to the killing of Mike Brown. The offending cop is under investigation for using a protesters tweets to extract retribution. Retribution against the protesters freedom to protest and freedom of speech.

How is the cops act any different than (yes, I am going there) Hitlers SS Gestapo and how is it different than that of FBI infiltrators during the Occupy Wall State protests? Imagine the gall and temerity of such an act?  Did the cop assume all are supportive of Mike Brown's murderer? Did the cop assume the protesters employer would support the murderous cop without regard for the employee's freedom gather and protest. Regardless of assumption or expectation, the cop is alleged to have performed the shadowy subterfuge with a great deal of assumed comfort. 

The cop exercised a form of privilege commonly perpetrated against minorities. I extrapolate "minority" to anyone who protest against the lack of charges against Mike Brown's murderer; and anyone who doesn't blindly support authority that oppresses population sub-groups (African-Americans, Latinos, LGBT people and progressive protesters) 

When the authorities resort to fascists acts regarding attempts to cover-up a wrong, it warrants special scrutiny. Police and prosecutors do not "police the police." 

And, there-in lies my affinity for Anonymous

Operation DOX The Informants

Someone with special skills and tools may be watching!

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