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Monday, October 20, 2014

EBOLA Hysteria....Election strategy?

A few days back we published a piece about Fox New's Shepard Smith and Howard Kurtz's comment regarding EBOLA hysteria. Linked here.

EBOLA has stuck precisely two people in the United States. The cases are the result of a traveler from West Africa who attempted to seek medical help and was sent home via a Dallas, TX hospital. Both subsequent (contraction) cases were brought to light via self-reporting. One case has a nurse moving from critical to stable condition. Another of the two nurses who contracted the disease has reported she literally called the CDC and was given the go-ahead to travel. As of yesterday, media is reporting the initial victim of the disease lived four days in an apartment with others and not one has shown any signs of the disease. 

On another front, a Dallas nurse (whistle-blower) has come forth with reports of no actual EBOLA training for patient handlers and her perception of equipment that fails to protect against disease contraction. CNN's Anderson Cooper interview, linked here.

American media, especially conservative media (eg. CNN and Fox News), has undertaken hysteria broadcasting that surpasses the lie induce hysteria that preceded the Bush attack on Iraq. 

If you need an example, I have posted and embed a four minute compilation video. You will notice an abundance of Fox News personalities in the video; it also includes other well known anti-Obama demagogues.

Another example from a talking head who was once considered "conservative credible" when employed by a major television network. He has accepted employment with Fox news. Of course, you know that that means.

Post by PolitiFact.

The perfect example of my point.  If after viewing this Tweet you do not recognize why right-wing media is dogged in its demagoguery regarding EBOLA, you are probably a GOP vote anyway.

This past Sunday CNN's Candy Crowley sat with zany GOP Senator Ted Cruz and EBOLA was at the core of the interview.  

The EBOLA hysteria is nothing more than conservative media garnering ratings while spewing anti-Obama rhetoric. Even when the newscasters do not mention President Obama, their reports included implied complicity in moving the disease to the two nurses. Moreover, many on the Right are speaking on camera about Obama intentionally spreading EBOLA.  It shouldn't surprise you some of those demagogues have interjected race into the equation.

We published this piece late last week. The piece included many exhibition of vile Right-wing rhetoric. If you chose to visit the like "cherry pick" your poison.

I posit the fall mid-term elections and a greater desire to influence the general elections in 2016 is at the core of the right-wing frenzy. Your vote is the target of the hysteria.

Why would you have interest in voting along with people who sit on camera while earning millions with "FEAR" at the core of their mission?

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