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Monday, October 20, 2014

EBOLA Precautionary Quarantine Violated By NBC Medical Correspondent

Dr. Nancy Snyderman
As we watch US electronic media fizzle-down to the level of junior college Journalism and Broadcast Media 101, the episodes of ratings induced arrogance continues to manifest. The last sentence was an effort to be political correct. A better characterization of violation of protocol is as as follows:  "Elitist Media darling and crew ignore safeguards while placing others at EBOLA risks."

Dr. Nancy Snyderman and crew's quarantine violation after returning to the US from West Africa is a classic example of how infectious chronic diseases slip through safety and regulator cracks. While Right-wing media is actively blaming President Obama for EBOLA in America, no US based network is adequately probing or exploring callousness from the Snyderman crew. As a matter of balance,  MSNBC has also run segments that left me wondering about the newsworthiness of the broadcast.

The Snyderman crew will probably never developed even a trace of the disease. Yet, only CNN, has aired detailed broadcast related to the journalist, or her crew's callousness.  

Talking Points Memo continues to explore the Snyderman 'episode' and the publication does so while others have moved on to EBOLA "blame, entertainment and fear" broadcast.

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Trouble Ahead For NBC Medical Correspondent Who Violated Quarantine

AP Photo / Peter Kramer

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