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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fareed Zakaria Nails Maher, Affleck and Sam Harris


After the widely publicized and viral Bill Maher segment (Ben Affleck, Michael Steele, Sam Harris), I have scouted around for the perfect segment to close the matter for the TPI.

My thoughts on the matter is Maher blew it by hosting a panel that would touch upon Islam and Jihadist without scheduling one person of the Muslin Faith. While we should be able to discuss an criticize Jihadist terror without indicting all Muslims, Maher and his guest spoke s some call it: "inarticulate." By hosting the segment Maher allowed one of his guest, Affleck, to claim the liberal high ground via pointing to comments that actually came across as bigoted. Both Maher and his learned guest spoke about a relevant topic, but their impromptu participation in the (not so well planned Maher) format  (segment) stuck them in them rear.

I wonder about the relevance of booking Michael Steele as he added nothing at all to the specific segment. Was his ethnicity and race of utility to the Maher production team. I hope not because Steele is a far cry from a viable talking head on individual rights or for that matter anti-bigotry. Let's face it, he is a Republican. 

In fairness to Steele, and his earnings opportunity, maybe he added value to other segments in the hour long show.

The segment I chose ran this past Sunday on, of all networks, CNN. Fareed Zakaria offer a non-Muslin, non-white and only quasi-progressive view of the Maher segment.

We all know that Maher and Harris are far from racist. However, there slip into impromptu dialog launched what can only be considered bigoted kerfuffle at a minimum.

Maher is a comedian who has garnered significant success in the political arena. He often skirts the perimeter of 'the uncool" but manages to ride his history of liberalism out of harm's way. His contempt for all religion may have led to the ill-fated segment. A mistake for which he will suffer little, but a segment that leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of some who abhor any vestige of racism or bigotry. I certainly left the segment with have such a bad taste.

I also admit to deep consternation with Maher's recent comments about voting for Rand Paul over Hillary Clinton. I am not fan of the Clintons, but Rand Paul is a disgusting counter opportunity (or quip object) for anyone who claims to be a progressive.

We can only hope Maher doesn't repeat the path of this Fox News comedian hit-man who frequently joins the network to spew anti-Obama garbage and share silly quips.
Dennis Miler

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