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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Fox News continues its "Tin Hat" coverage of EBOLA. 

As part of a piece we published yesterday, the following survey data directly attests to both Fox News and CNN's obsession with imparting the prospect of EBOLA spreading across the United States like this year's Influenza.

Washington Post-ABC News poll 

While 65 percent of the respondents say they are concerned about a possible “widespread” U.S. epidemic, nearly 8 in 10 with a high school diploma or less education say they are very or somewhat concerned. Among respondents with advanced degrees, about 4 in 10 say they are concerned. Just over 6 in 10 white respondents say they are concerned, compared with 74 percent of nonwhites. And while majorities of all partisan backgrounds express concern about a U.S. epidemic, Republicans express significantly more worry than Democrats.
Ratings, ratings, ratings! This past Sunday CNN's Candy Crowley relieved John McCain of his standard "drop bombs and attack" President Obama. The announcement of another diagnosis of EBOLA via a nurse in the Dallas area, McCain was allowed (if not encouraged) to attack from another realm.  

"We were told there would never be a case of Ebola in the United States."
— John McCain on Sunday, October 12th, 2014 in comments on CNN's "State of the Union"


Within hours Tampa Bay Times's Poltifiact found McCain's comments a common lie! While we have grown to expect McCain to take position directly opposite President Obama and whine like a spoiled baby (deprived of the US Presidency), CNN and Network News over-booking the erratic Senator is a bit over-the-top. If you need an example as evidence of his penchant for armed interventions, reflect on his crying about US Obama's handling of Putin's threats to Ukraine. Putin, this very week, withdrew Russian troops from the Russian/Ukraine border. The US spent few dollars, and we lost not one troop and received the same results McCain espoused with heavy reliance on bombs and armed threats.

If the networks so relish Obama Derangement John McCain on television every Sunday is a must. Sadly, McCain hasn't been right about one issues since well before is ill-fated 2008 presidential run...with Sarah Palin (a judgement issue in ad of itself).

I digress. Do you ever believe John McCain will get over his humiliating loss to Obama in 2008? End Digress.

MSNBC broadcast certain hosts who occupy moderate amounts of show time on EBOLA, but the network falls well shy of incessant piston-like questioning of guest after guest on "Can it go airborne?"

CNN and Fox at their finest and most frightening and well before Halloween.

CNN  "ESIN" (Excitement Single Issues News) fans the flames in a close race with Fox News.  In fact, Fox May lead with guest insanity. CNN actually wins with EBOLA saturation "Excitement News." Why "ESIN"? Do you recall coverage of Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 airline tragedies? How about CNN on Bergdhal's release? And when such tragedies quiet down or the public moves away for CNN's incessant coverage, the network has its ready-at-the-draw Obama Derangement. 

Just before the midterms election a Tea party talking-head opens mouth and utters the "neo-midterm election strategy: EBOLA!

Let's revisit Fox News. It is statistically impossible to have so many Fox News show hosts display complete and utter derangement regarding EBOLA without corporate commitment to "FEAR." Of course, the disease is as dangerous as they come, but Fox News (and the "ESIN" GIANT, CNN) are promulgating a level of fear that boarders on "The sky is falling."

What we offer next is pure racist. But, racism become fashionable in the US.

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