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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fox News: A Facebook Flaming Bush!

Fear, Loathing, Ignorance and a bit of white nationalism (racism)

Always know when the writer tires and needs to cleanse and relax Fox News and conservative   America offers reliable backup.  Why tax the brain and overdo the keyboarding fingers when conservative  America offers proof positive for all out inertia to GET OUT AND VOTE!

The conservative demagogues and gold-diggers people are highly compensated for their rhetoric. In each case we find people who have serious social issues, yet each has an audience of devoted followers. The combination is frightening: Highly paid to posit and demagogue to sycophant followers who cast votes.

Let's visit with people who are focused in shaping your mind for sake of political gain for a privileged few. 

The Fox News beleaguered and put-down white man! From the mouth of Greta Van Sustren.

Chronic in her ignorance.  

Allen West..seriously Fox?

Gohmert!  Massages vs ready for battle

Gene Simmons.....EBOLA expert? 

When personal responsibility and self-reflection is not an option!

Sarah Palin is without question what some call "a piece of work." I have other more descriptive words for the gold-digger, but I will defer to past posts regarding those words.  

Let's take a different approach for this Flaming Bush post. 

Is it possible Sarah Palin was raised without an iota of acceptance of personal responsibility? Since we first laid eyes on and lent an ear to John McCain's horrific choice as a running mate in 2008, Palin has never once accepted responsibility for any of the many screw-ups and embarrassments that seem to follow her around like a dark cloud.

There is great relevance in that old axiom: " Some people simply cannot do anything right."  

While we do not expect no one the Right to full accept their shortcomings and missteps, Palin stretched the limit of rational thought via criticizing the media when she and her husband are responsible for the crass outside of the norm behavior of her family.   

The media as scapegoat doesn't meet the test of rational when Palin has to schuss her son's potty mouth during post brawl questioning by police. Personal responsibility as a parent and mother span well beyond irrational Fox News appearances. Palin's husband left the fracas with a bloody nose. Who would Palin blame if her husband had been shot or worse shot and killed during the fracas?  

I suppose I screed in vain regarding the Palin's. If the Sarah PAC has a total value in the millions with disbursements totaling only 3 percent, we are without question contemplating a person with little to no scruples and a person without personal values. 

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