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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fox News: The Five Continues Guttural Insanity!

The Five
Yes, I do spend a moderate amount of time and keyboarding on Fox News. The network is at the forefront of US conservatism and it is a vile example of "yellow electronic" entertainment with a clear mission: right-wing propaganda and mind coach.

And here is the mentality of "Ass Candy" legs and thighs' bimbos over of Fox News. Excuse me, but "for these ladies it is all about the "booty." And they are immensely successful as male Fox news viewers follow them around like Viagra laden old men.

On another front and with consideration of another on-camera "physical specimen," the network reacts to another case of "foot-in-mouth." I will post the latest SNAFU from The Five in a moment. First a few words about Fox as a conservative communication force and its competence in delivering messages to its viewers.

Fox News's The Five show co-host were forced to 'circle the wagons' on one of their brethren's callous remarks about young women and the vote. No matter the comeback, Fox news is about delivering messages to 'radar' honing sycophants. The network's managers and writer are masters at the instant message impact and the fact human beings have very short memories. Once the message hits its intended target (viewer brain matter), Fox news writers and propagandist have succeeded in their mission. After accomplishing the mission the network via its professionals are masterful at the 'half-ass' clarification.  

The classic example, albeit a slight digression.

Watch as a group of grinning white people sit through a segment in which a Fox News host proclaimed Santa and Jesus are white. The show airs at 10:00PM Eastern Time, mind you.

After three days off camera, the host came back to the airways with the most lame lie and deceitful form of flattery for Fox I have ever witnessed. As you watch and listen to the following remember, it airs at 10:00PM EST and also think for a second about the number of Santa aged kids who watch The Kelly File. 
Another indicator of my point regarding Fox and its message methodology was its failed efforts to cover Kelly's callousness and to be frank her foray into racism. No kids Santa aged watches The Kelly File, and the boastful proclamation of "The Powerful Fox News." was not only untimely, it was an over-the-top a swipe at anyone who criticizes Kelly's racism. 
Now  for the segment of The Five stumbling through another 'foot-in-mouth' Fox News broadcast. 
The original broadcast....
And this a few days later and after social media and the Internet went ballistic. Notice the effort to reap praise on the perpetrator regarding attendance at a recent Latino event. I do not believe her original remarks focused on issues of the Latino vote.

The problem with shows like The Five is evident in this quick segment via The DailyMail.UK.

Scroll down for video 
Eric BollingKimberly Guilfoyle
Sorry: Fox News host Eric Bolling (left) has apologized
after making sexist comments on his program The Five 
earlier this week that upset many, including cohost 
Kimberly Guilfoyle (right)

The original silliness replete with one of the most immature and child-like segment openings imaginable.,,,,,,
"Before we go to break!"
All clarification, swipes back at media and apology aside the problem with he The Five is obvious. The show is crafted and delivered to appeal to the more prurient and "laugh-box" of viewers. From Guilfoyle's leggy seat nearest the (strategically placed and probing) camera to the 1980s glasses (eyes over rims) worn by one of the show's co-hosts, the show works. Bolling's looseness with "Boobs on the Ground" was a clear indicator of how the co-host felt comfortable leveling the most sexist of remarks against a literal military hero and air warfare pioneer for the United Arab Emirates. 
Two parting comments.
"Live by the gun, die by the gun."
"The fool the keeps his mouth will never be discovered as a fool."

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