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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fox News Producers Have The Legs Attack The Youth Vote!

Remember as you read the post below, Roger Ailes is reported to have a policy against women wearing pants on the Fox News sets. Any thoughts of comment as to why? 
A few facts occupy our lives on a daily basis. One undeniable fact, we live in a reality of political malfeasance that includes a Republican Party, conservative media and conservatives et al, who are preoccupied with limiting or restricting the vote.

How many times have you heard the likes of Limbaugh and women tea party officials state personal opinions that women should not be allowed to vote. If I am not mistaken I believe I have heard off hand remarks from Antonin Scalia, SCOTUS Chief Conservative, related to the the US Constitution does not protect women from discrimination. Thus, when extrapolated in conservative vernacular the Constitution does not protect from restricting the women vote.

How about a tally. The GOP and uber wealthy supporters have:
  • Dwindled the Labor vote via reducing public sector employees.
  • Promulgate voted ID laws that aim to restrict minority and elderly vote.
  • Attempted to limit college campus votes via manipulation of qualifying verification IDs
During a recent broadcast of a Fox News "ass candy" show: Out Numbered, the couches were full of enough legs and thighs to render a Victoria Secrets catalog to a yawn. The youth vote was an item of discussion and was it discussed? It seems Fox News producers are fulling their mission in attacking yet another Democrat voting bloc: the young voter.


And, the young are foolish if they do not combat such obvious efforts to restrict their vote.

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