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Friday, October 17, 2014

GOP Candidate Re-Cycles Willie Horton LIke Ad

We have seen this before! 
Are you old enough to remember the now famous Roger Ailes's "WillIe Horton" ad from 1988?

Horton's release was not directly attributable to then candidate 

Michael Dukakis in his campaign against Bush/Quayle. This ad was run by the National Security PAC. It is important to note Bush/Quayle nor the RCCC nor RNC ran the ad. The salient point is the ad most assuredly imparts "Fear." Fear in the Horton ad was an artificial inducement to vote against Dukakis. The vast majority of voters were so far removed from a Horton scenario, it is impossible to separate Horton's race (Black) and the race of his victim (white) with a dose of sex. Classic GOP operative politicking. 

If you follow US politics and consider yourself a student of US politics, you know the GOP never reaches into virgin territory with strategy. The party operatives re-cycle that which works and they do so religiously. If you are tracking along with me, the following report from Think Progress will not surprise you. It should, if you are a person with any degrees of personal integrity and pride, offend you. The perpetrator in the advertisement is obliviously insane. 

His release from the penal system should have been the object of criticism instead of a cheap Willie Horton like advertisement. But, then I am positing on the GOP and not commenting regarding rational criticism.

Your GOP at work!

Think Progress

What The Republican Party’s New, Unspeakably Racist Attack Ad Is Really About

"What The Republican Party’s New, Unspeakably Racist Attack Ad Is Really About"

racist ad
The National Republican Congressional Committee wants you to believe that Nebraska state Sen. Brad Ashford, the Democratic challenger to incumbent Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE), unleashed a very scary looking black man on the people of Nebraska to commit multiple murders. That’s the message conveyed by an ad they posted on their YouTube page on Friday, which focuses on a series of high profile murders committed by a man who had recently been released from prison on unrelated charges:

The reality, however, is far more nuanced than the narrative presented by this ad. And the events that led up to these murders have very little to do with Ashford. 
Nikko Jenkins is a severely mentally ill man who was previously incarcerated on robbery and assault charges. A prison psychiatrist diagnosed him with schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder, and labeled him one of the most dangerous people I have ever evaluated.” While he was incarcerated, Jenkins repeatedly told prison officials that he planned a violent, murderous rampage upon his release.” Less than a month after he was released from prison in 2013, Jenkins carried out his threats, killing four people in Omaha. 
Jenkins believes that he was ordered to kill by Apophis, an evil, ancient Egyptian serpent god. A report by the Nebraska State Ombudsman’s Office criticized state prison officials for not attempting to have Jenkins committed due to his mental illness once it became clear that it was not safe to release him from prison.
The NRCC’s ad, however, tells a very different story. In the GOP’s narrative, “Nikko Jenkins was released from prison early, after serving only half his sentence” thanks to a law that Ashford supports.
US politics and election campaigning is all out war with no level of decency and often wrought with lies, exaggerations and mis-representations. Even President Obama has intimated as has others he had no idea of the head-knocking reality of life as president until he attended his first post election security briefing. I believe he has also admitted that "change' and movement of the US 'good ol boy' (my words) system of governing s far more entrenched than he imagined.

And then we have this from some politicians. Paul Ryan with his family in tow, raided a DC soup pantry without ever notifying the director of the center. The photo and video opportunity took place just before the 2012 presidential election. If you want to see the full extent of GOP operative strategy the pots, pans and utensils massaged by the Ryans were already cleaned.  More ABC news videos | ABC Health News

Thus, a classic example of what campaigning has come to and a clear example of the extent to which operatives perpetrate campaigns. Ryan also spoke early in the campaign about running a marathon in record time. His brother corrected his lie and induced a backtrack from the pathological liar.

The advertisement above takes GOP politicking to another level. It capitalizes on the 2014 GOP/RNC strategy to leverage fear. You may also notice, it re-cycles Roger Ailes's manipulation of "Fear of the black man."

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