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Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Hysterical," "Irresponsible" Ebola Coverage


The lone voice of reason and sanity at Fox News has again gone against the grain. Shepard Smith either has a production team comprised of mavericks or he has the blessing of Roger Ailes in standing opposite the networks more conservative "tin hat" and widely viewed hosts (eg. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity).

Smiths segment embed below) is a fitting retort to insane mania that manifest and spans the full measure of the top three cable news networks. CNN, Fox news and more nascent and exhaustive coverage from MSNBC are the actual subject of Smith's comments. Of more significance, his remarks are also specifically focused on Fox News evening show hosts who have gone wild with anti-Obama Ebola (azi).

Media Matters

WATCH: Fox's Shepard Smith Blasts Media For "Hysterical," "Irresponsible" Ebola Coverage

Smith: "These Are The Facts -- We Do Not Have An Outbreak Of Ebola In The United States. Nowhere"

Media Matters the very next day ran a piece encapsulating Smith's against the grain reporting over on Fox News.

Smith as Fox News's voice of reason....
Smith's monologue comes after his Fox News colleagues Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham compared CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden to a propagandist, and after Fox's Sean Hannity said on his radio show that he would ignore the CDC press conference because he doesn't trust them. 
Smith has a long track record of bucking the trend of fear-mongering on Fox News. Here are 7 times Shep Smith was Fox's voice of reason:

Media Matters monitoring and reporting regarding Fox News is a breathe of fresh air in a world of "entertainment electronic media." 
Note: I include MSNBC in that 'mix' as the network seems to be floundering in an abyss of appealing to both conservative morning viewers and progressive evening viewers (in some cases appearing almost libertarian). A broadcast model that is doomed to fail and may contribute to the networks weakening ratings numbers.
We have come to expect and rely on MMFA's instant reporting, refuting and proving false many hours of Fox News broadcasting. The latest ratings 'cash cow' is the EBOLA Virus. EBOLA is providing an existential reality at Fox News that is not only uncommon it is precedent setting and quite surprising. MMFA has provided an opportunity to view another angle of EBOLA-Fox News style.  

Howard Kurtz, former media analyst CNN, joined Fox News after an unreliable set of reporting Reliable SourcesThe Sunday morning recap and analysis of "all things media" during the previous week. Circumstances that precipitated Kurtz's jump to Fox News are available via a standard Google search, so I will forego a re-hash. Suffice it to say, Kurtz abandoned opportunity for credible media analysis with a foray into social ideology and opine that seemed a good fit for Fox News.

Over the past year and a half, I have seen segments of Kurtz on Fox News fulfilling the role of a media validater of Fox News demagoguery demagogues and at times he appeared uncomfortable with his role. Of course, the latter is pure personal observation and personal opinion only.

Earlier today, Kurtz joined Shepard Smith in criticism of media EBOLA mania. By speaking out he also spoke against EBOLA-AZI at Fox News's. He certainly did not speak with reference to any specific network, but it doesn't take a news geek to realize his network has EBOLA'd like the EveryReady Battery Rabbit (tm) 

Let's see how media continues to report on the EBOLA cases that have come to the United States. 

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